Curious Failures to Communicate

Some leaders would have us turn a blind eye. Famously Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson told his Flag Captain Thomas Foley “You know, Foley, I have only one eye. I have a right to be blind sometimes” after a seeming failure to observe signals of surrender.

So the bombardment is to continue?

Attempting to counter a show of love and solidarity with single minded empathy. What seems to be the real attack on students going to class is by the; captured media, and some in the government. Deliveries of oration that seem to be diabolically omitting the pain of victims, one could see this as a attempt to weaponize empathy.

They would have us ignore service and to turn a blind eye to extreme violence.

Produced in collaboration with ChatGPT.

In the halls where silence weeps,
And shadows dance while the city sleeps,
There walk the students, young and brave,
Whose voices echo in the empty nave.

With books in hand and dreams in sight,
They tread the path of knowledge’s light,
But as they pass through the gates of learning,
Their souls are burdened with a yearning.

For they carry the weight of unseen pain,
Of lives disrupted, of dreams slain,
Their voices drowned in a sea of lies,
Their truths obscured by veiled skies.

For while the world looks on with blind eyes,
Their struggles go unnoticed, their cries,
Lost in the clamor of a one-sided tale,
Where empathy is weaponized, and truth frail.

They are the ghosts of Gaza, unseen, unheard,
Whose pain is silenced, whose voices deterred,
By those who seek to paint a narrative,
Of victimhood turned villain, of truth imperative.

But still they march, with hearts aflame,
Their spirits unbroken, their voices the same,
For they know that in the depths of night,
There shines a glimmer of truth, of light.

So let us raise our voices high,
And join their chorus, reaching for the sky,
For in their struggle, we find our own,
In their pain, we find our home.

Let us stand with them, hand in hand,
And together, we’ll make our stand,
For the future of freedom, of truth, of grace,
For the unseen voices, let us embrace.

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