Data collection post Roe V Wade

There is money to be made by viewing us a cattle instead of people. We are only good to the free market if we constantly produce more consumers to buy their products as well as more poor, homeless & desperate people to blame for the struggles of the ignorant.–Bv[…]d=IwAR0L2-ZjqdOoMnS6QHZZplF4E1BW1BlTsvWyWW0HPyY9Z5B-3uIlWgnFsWU


Please share this with your social media networks! Too many people use period- and fertility-tracking apps under the impression that these corporations bear us no ill will. However, these corporations exist to make a profit and will sell their data to the highest bidder in pursuit of that profit. Their objective to make a profit could result in innocent people ending up imprisoned. The world has turned upside down. Now more than ever, we need to be looking out for each other.

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