Demand Paid Family Leave in the Build Back Better Act or “No Deal”

We urge progressive legislators to vote NO on the Build Back Better Act if paid family, medical leave is removed from the bill. #NoDeal Sign the petition with us.

I’m sure it’s normal to be increasingly agitated on this “build back better” deal.

Here’s how I know it’s a sham, they refuse to acknowledge the Reconciliation Infrastructure Package was completely left behind with the rebrand.

Family pay?
How about pre-k childcare that was going to bring half our eager women back to the workforce!
They quit because of no other option, literally the only demographic that hasn’t been completely burned out.
How about Medicare negotiating drug prices?
That was suppose to be a non negotiation, the one policy that is embraced by 90% of Americans: F Big Pharma, F them very much.
How about expansion of Medicare to include more old people in desperate need of assistance.
How about the mere 2% in corporate tax this would cost in order to pay for corporation’s employees’ welfare!

Corporations are suppose to be handling this with pensions and 401ks for EVERYONE!
That was the promise of Capitalism, wtf happened?

Why is the employee not worth fair compensation anymore?!

Don’t chase crumbs, we’ll lose the meal.