Democratic Primary

We need Democratic Primary for presidencial race, 2024

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We do. And we have one every time there’s a presidential race. So what are you getting at?

Yup, ya do.:man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t2:

The only chance of directly impacting the democratic party is to force the primary and make a concerted effort and spectacle to draw eyeballs

Make it impossible for mainstream media to ignore

Have centralized, verified facts about the preferred candidates and the opposition with strengths and weaknesses assessed in detail and used to aid perferred candidates

The rot is deep because of legalized bribery so bad that even some really “challenged” congresspeople understand the game is completely rigged against the majority and their desires because buying politicians is exceptionally profitable :money_mouth_face:

…but it is common ground that can be utilized for our overall goal of integrating a “ask what you can do for your country and your country will ask what it can do for you”
A national job corps would be a start🤔

If biden could issue, even a temporary presidential order that would completely document every immigrant in the country or waiting at the borders and fund outreach programs with the money spent on detension and apprehension.

Cut off the pipeline

The only reason someone would make the harrowing journey required to immigrate across a land crossing doesn’t take into account the fact that airports created more undocumented immigrants than the southern border.
To cut the flow, make things better in their own countries by not continuously attacking them with siege warfare called “sanctions”.
Those sanctions and funding for paramilitary groups created the hell these people are escaping😢

Let’s gather those stories that forced them to flee and emphasize the efforts proposed would release the pressure and then closely monitor to see if the people are benefiting and trumpet that about all other stories to sweeten the carrot and get rid of the stick.

We don’t want to conquer, we want to integrate common beliefs

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