DeSantis vs trump

I know that trump is terrible and I’m glad he is now becoming the past but as a member of the LGBTQ community Ron DeSantis scares the shit out of me.


I think that if the Rs pick DeSantis then Trump will run as an independent and they’ll both lose. Fingers crossed.


DeSantis and Trump are the same type of egotistical hater. Low, low people.

That would be awesome

Agreed, that’s why I think progressives need to vote for DeSantis even though you can’t stand him. If Biden runs again (against the wishes of his voters), Bernie won’t run nor any other viable progressive candidate. So signup early as a republican and vote desantis in their primary. There’s no way trump will accept defeat and will say election fraud and then will run as a 3rd party in the general election. The republican vote will be split, which will finally open up the ability for a progressive like Nina to run in the general.

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