Discussion Board Transformation. Status: Updating According to UX feedback (Scope: Legislation Ideas)

Quick announcement: I am currently making some changes (adding a layer of abstraction via re-arranging of elements + use of polls that this platform provides).

I will Include a Tour and a final poll so that you can rate and provide feedback to see if this is something we can use to achieve our goals of bringing positive change to the real world. Please bear with me, I am almost finishing this portion that, in my opinion, will allow us to gain consensus on the ideas.


I’ll come back in a few. More or less at the time of John’s TDR. I haven’t slept and I might be prone to errors if I don’t get to rest now. I’ll be back in a few to continue the Ranked Choice portions + the Poll add-on of legislation idea.

Please bear with me. See you soon


Great work keep it up! :+1:


I had other thoughts about the ranked choice poll, figured this is a better place for discussion since it is the topic of the post.
Does this poll show up on other platforms? I had to divest from social media to be able to live, so I have no idea if any of the stuff we talk about on TYT’s site is linked or mirrored or discussed on the other platforms that are probably more popular. Listening live on YouTube it sounds like Discord, Twitch and YouTube have more people engaging.
The first time I voted for something I didn’t think it was a great idea but I did agree with it, so I tried to click on one of the ‘against’ bubbles and it removed the vote ‘for’. It seems like this [Topic Tree] is a lot that you’re already doing, and it’s pretty awesome, but it would be cool if a vote could include a note for why you didn’t vote for the topic to be #1. Not sure if this is a good or bad idea, just a thought.

We seem to be on the same page. I hang a lot on TYT Discord and do see it as a better option, But I think (and this is just my opinion) that Cenk wants this to be a TYT endeavor and this is why he put it on TYT’s web site. That’s my speculation.

I would like to have also a way to put in text as reply for the poll, but it just allows me to add multiple options.

Regarding the “against” poll, I will check on that and will get back to you and test it together. I haven’t casted my votes yet.

Thanks for all the collab. You seem to be a goal driven person just like me. Let’s do this!


Glad to feel like I’m helping to make some kind of difference.
I don’t think Cenk has qualms about this involving more people, but I can’t speak for him. All I know for sure is that after having suggested that people start doing Cenk supercuts to promote him, he said on a live show that anyone is welcome to use any of his public appearances on the shows to make clips.
Pretty sure he wants as much interaction and discussion as possible. He did say specifically that he wanted members to take part, but I assumed that meant people paying for membership on any platform.
More buzz is better imho

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We will get more buzz. All of this is only the beginning.


I try to be patient, even when things seem dire, rushing stuff is often how mistakes are made. Just trying not to overlook others that want to be helpful.


The excitement is great we just can’t loose sight of the greater goal here. I am very happy with our efforts so far. We are very much early stages here, be patient. We are our own worst enemy in this stage. So it is important to be deliberate and intentional when building a foundation as sophisticated as this.

It is important to remember when your a lifeguard your taught self defense. This seems a bit off until you have to save someone. You then realize that they will often attempt drown you in an effort to not drown themselves.

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