Do the rich want authoritarianism?

I understand the rich call the shots. Aren’t they happy with the status quo? Democracy Lite, where the common folks think they get a choice but really don’t? Why would they just sit idly by as the Tucker Carlsons and Steve Bannons of the world drive the country towards authoritarianism? It would seem like a dictator would be unpredictable at best.

To be honest, if you look at the structure of the vast majority of businesses, they are mini authoritarian states. You are not going to find businesses that function on a democratic model in the corporate world, and not many in the small-business world. The wealthy are comfortable with authoritarianism because they ARE authoritarians.

Some have even referred to neoliberalism as “Fascism Light” because of the corporate aspects of it and the way that some neoliberals support certain authoritarian pro-business policies, as well as certain authoritarian “protection” policies, but that is a different topic. That didn’t really stick as a term, though.


Well put. In Russia, there are billionaires, but only those who Putin allows to exists. They owe Putin their existence and stepping out of line will land them in Siberia. If I’m Jeff Bezos, I’m thinking screw that, I’d rather just have my billions, with the only threat being a 2% wealth tax.


America is no different, our politicians look up to our most wealthy, their disdain on the national stage is just show.
Our government LOVES Bezos’s idea of labor, it is familiar to us, like the plantation days.
Look how our labor is treated.