Dr. Richey, I've been having this same argument

This is a comment I’ve prepared to rebuttal someone from my FB political group I’ll be posting as soon as I get out of FB jail tomorrow. I thought it relevant to the situation and thought I would share in light of today’s Bullpen:

I will make the comparison for you since you fail to see the difference between insurrection and protest.

During BLM a police station was burned to the ground. Before that happened, protesters and police had already negotiated, and police were allowed to evacuate with their equipment before people set fire to an empty building.

The worst police killing during BLM was an officer that got shot in the head while in his squad car in front of a security camera for the world to see.
And the nation took pause.
The leadership of BLM across the country pushed harder than ever for peaceful protest.
George Floyd’s brother took the publicity of his brother’s memorial as an opportunity to condemn BLM violence and rioting declaring unlawful acts a disgrace to George Floyd’s memory.

You couldn’t say the same about Jan. 6th, someone was going to hang; the first politician they got their hands on, but who they really wanted was their own Vice President during the Jan. 6th siege on the Capital!

What’s worse is that it was an inside job, the lack of security for even a crowd that size in D.C. is just absolutely inexcusable.
Our Congress is not allowed to carry firearms during official business, they have to check their guns at the door. We rely on that security to be on point at every second of everyday on the Capital! We govern in that building, and it should be protected better than any federal building in the United States!

St. Louis did a better job securing their courthouse after the verdict for Breonna Taylor’s murder when we found out property was more important than innocent productive Black women.
And those law enforcement in St. Louis were going to shoot to kill anyone that tried to get close to the doors, nevermind scaling the walls, and there would have been no warning; primarily because St. Louis Justice were terrified of what their African American citizens were going to do when they found out that Breonna Taylor did not get justice.

They cried! They just broke into tears in the middle of the street, sobbed without any shame whatsoever.
The nation wailed in agony as we watched helpless the injustice of an active EMT executed by a police firing squad issuing a no knock warrant that had absolutely no reason to exist in the first place!
The complete lack of interest in the federal building speaks volumes of the projection going on!
Of course you board up the buildings, if it was your people, you would raze that building to the ground with everyone inside after hearing a verdict like that!
To conservatives, that’s exactly what you’re suppose to do to injustice.

The police did not stake out the location prior, did not confirm the suspect was even around, which was not Breonna Taylor but a long gone exboyfriend, did not announce themselves, and caused Ms. Taylor’s boyfriend to open fire on a violent breaking and entering in their apartment with his legal firearm.

And all the while BLM protests were going on, police didn’t do anything!
They let neighborhoods, not just single properties, but blocks of commerce riot, while the law lounges in the commandeered best seats in the house and watch their charges below completely vulnerable as retaliation for not respecting the badge.

We still don’t have the George Floyd Act or any meaningful action toward reform.

Jan. 6th Trump supporting Capital Police either took a paid sick day to allow violent militias to act like Taliban and terrorize the country with their fanaticism or they went to work to prevent any law and order from taking place and let their disagreeing brethren play survival mode on their own.

BLM demanded justice without threatening to rip our fabric of society apart.

Jan. 6th is all about overturning the government to be ruled under the Confederate Flag.
And we all know what that flag stands for, the version of freedom where people owns other people, where both women and minorities don’t have rights, and where the church teaches boys how to be men with sexual abuse.

BLM is just going to keep going until enough people are moved for action.
Even as people of color are getting beaten by police left and right for no reason with little to no consequence to law enforcement, how can you say you are being treated the same?

Jan. 6th was all about threatening America to do as Trump says or Q was going to unleash a storm that was suppose to resurrect the Third Reich.

Just like Hitler, the goal for Jan. 6th was ethnic cleansing, the Storm that would clean America of the leftist socialist filth.

Because the election was stolen; no real evidence, no real reason, just because.
Do you know anything about the rise of the Nazi Regime?

This was a rough read, ijedi.

Think you should start with a clearly stated point as your first mention of Jan 6th on the back of George Floyd’s brother’s, Philonise Floyd, remark is really unclear. Your inclusion of QAnon and Nazi does not bring this to a close so much as leave it a bit scattered at the end.

The Qanon tactics to obscure the election is absolutely a Nazi tactic.

Blaming the Radical Socialist Left was also Nazi tactic.

If the election was stolen, THEN THERE WOULD BE PROOF!