Dr. Richey, sometimes it feels like you're talking directly to me

In fact the good doctor has commented on my live chat posts, and sometimes he says things to the audience that I feel is actually directed specifically at me.

Like when Dr. Richey reminds people to get off the TDR live chat and join him in Indisputable, is it a coincidence that I’m the only one still posting because I was watching late, and I think he may have liked my response to the question “when have firefighters ever been used as crowd control?”
where I had to remind them about the Civil Rights Movement.

I hadn’t actually gotten there yet, I was still on TDR, but I saw that question and couldn’t resist, and later found out later how on the nose I was.
We watched these videos in grade school, people should remember these things.

I guess I wasn’t the only one in that chat, but still, Dr. Rashad Richey has that power, can’t help but wonder…

“Yes you, get off that channel and join me here, I need you!”

Am I imagining things? I guess, but I don’t care.
I’ll do better doc, I hear ya.
You are Indisputable after all.