Dragons have conservative values too

From conservatism I draw the desire of preservation for the good in this world.
Often times this sentiment is perverted as a means to inflict one’s will on another, but in reality it is to protect those which need protection, to be allowed voice, and be given the same freedoms as any other being.

Chivalry is to exemplify the greatest qualities of man: compassion, humility, and respect.
It is the duty of the honorable to carry the traditions of masculinity refined as the gentleman.
We compete and test our will against the dangers of the world, to create safe haven for us and ours, guarded from malice.

We think of the heirs that see more than their sires, leaders that empathize with their people, know their struggles to be moved as the people move with company loyalty.

Councils will be perturbed, chain of commands under threat of mutiny, and the very welfare of the kingdom at risk of such extremities!
Regardless, the prolonged neglect we witness under the apprenticeship of Rule, as the Lords of Land and Commerce exploit their charges like beasts of burden, along with the kin fallen from grace, the peasants are made to suffer for the failed leadership of their superiors.

The great fortunes being collected do not attest to the welfare of their subjects that toil diligently without fair compensation or civil treatment.
We crack the whips harder expecting more returns than anyone can hope to achieve.

So careless have we become that we have forgotten even the most recent lessons of our history in order to preserve the greatest values of our nation.
We did not learn from the errors of our ways, making it impossible to identify such avoidable disasters in the future.

Even after the Great Depression, necessary fundamentals such as affordable housing, living wages, and universal healthcare elude us.
More’s the pity, we know we must prepare ourselves in order to survive the coming ages, yet preparation is the one thing we Americans are so apt at avoiding.

I see it now, so clearly do we have two elected representatives presenting themselves as their majesty of royal decree, openly disrupting the rule of the People in the face of economic collapse and civil unrest.

The People demand representation, and they demand it now.
Those of us empowered with the experience of enterprise and finance feel the desire even more strongly, for we see clearly that our elite aren’t just worshipping greed, greed has already been indoctrinated into our institutions.
Business school perpetuates the abuse of employment, avoids accountability, and focuses solely on profit margins at the detriment of the company and everyone affected by it.

With power must come accountability in order to ensure responsibility.

This is the way.