Dragons, we need to talk

Why do you chase our trolls away? What is the Progressive Movement about? And how do we achieve that progress?

Discourse. Painstaking, back breaking, exponentially more challenging than war, and yes, sometimes it does feel exhausting, discussion.

Often times the same discussion has to be had so many times that you feel like nothing will ever happen, it feels like hitting your head repeatedly for no reason.

That is how our forefathers would have described it, but in fact it was necessary to get ALL 13 colonies to agree or it was treason. Still better than trying to reason with the Crown.

That is how you know you’re on the right track. That you can continue to have the same discussion over and over again, always listening and waiting for the time your opposition begins to take you seriously.

But we must first have the conversation, and in order to do that, we must not deter the trolls willing to meet us on our turf. We must be grateful to have such adversaries.

This isn’t the nest, it’s the feeding ground. We learn to sharpen our teeth and claws here, temper the fury with controlled fire breathing and practice flying in turbulence.

To maintain peace, we must engage in the conflicts of peace! This is why we are here! To give the trolls what they want so we can slip in a little something they need in the process: objective reasoning!

If we demonize the Right, we risk losing Right Progressives. I think it prudent to mention that the establishment Left are no different, especially in this time of failure; we must keep ALL doors open!

And we MUST hold the line! We must welcome the challenge, and we must face it head on! For we are the “Radical Socialist Left”, and fascism is afoot!

THIS is the last line of defense, we all know what happens after this if we fail. Militias are gathered, The Storm approaches, And intelligence has been taken out of IQ. Welcome to the trenches.

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Speaking as a mod from the TYT Discord, We don’t “Chase them away”. We give them a chance to say their piece and then try to determine if they are actual “Trolls” or somebody that is trying to have an actual intellectual discussion about the topic. If it is a “Troll” them we basically say “bye-bye” but if they want to have an actual discussion then we let them. To do otherwise would go against the TYT Core Values

Indeed, TYT does it’s part to keep the chat welcoming.
However I have found with increased regularity members attempting to “clean house” with increased frequency, and I think it wise to mention the efforts we are taking.

Nor do I wish any offense when I ignore any pleas to stop playing with my dinner. I like them riled up!