Cenk, you’re to be commended for your work on Wolf-PAC, and Justice Democrats. However, these efforts seem to peak or reach limits that are hard to overcome. Will we again peak and be limited with issues like paid family leave, Medicare for all, or gun control legislation? My conclusion is; yes!

My suggestion, based on our current systems of control, corruption, and limitations on activism, is from a big picture perspective. I propose a 2+million-person, Eco-OccupyWashDC2028; to last one year and with one comprehensive goal based on the Green New Deal, and in many nations capitals. The Green New Deal itself calls for 3 types of mobilization, and, this would be a 4th type of mobilization.

How it could come about, how to be comprehensive in inclusion of various constituent groups, and so on, would be a monumental process and discussion.

I think the more you telegraph that move the more time you give for those to want to thwart it to build countermeasures. Waiting 5 years seems to be way off on what any new science says. This should have been done long ago, I think this maybe a good idea if you add some sense of urgency.

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