Entertain this thought since no one else has come up with anything else

Entertain this thought since no one else has come up with anything else, OK so bear with me. What if we completely changed our entire economic system, in a sense of all occupations would pay the same wages. Now I know that sounds wild, but wouldn’t that eliminate a lot of the competition and malice that are associated for excessively overpaid jobs? I mean truthfully what are even jobs mean really for?
Is it not to steak your place in society and contribute on a equal level? Not only that who’s to decide which career path or occupation is harder than the other? Everyone has their own talents therefore certain jobs would be easier for other people therefore the workload is the same, who decided this hierarchy based off of monetary assets, I mean can you imagine a doctor and a waiter having an intellectual conversation. No but then capitalism decided to let’s have everyone compete in let’s put a price tag on the occupation they choose depending on how they see their contributing to society when in actuality we are all our own cog within a system. So I’m simply stating the quicker we can make all these cogs relatively the same size, the easier it would be for everyone their time. It would eliminate a lot of tension within our society, less to argue over and actually have equal opportunities for all, because they’re all the same monetary wise, you can’t hold your nose if you’re a lawyer or broker at waiter if you make the same wages! Schooling wouldn’t be at such expensive obviously, and not only that you’d actually be going to school to learn, have an ability to explore for those trying a career path. Not try to stick with that “prestigious” ideology, based off societies eyes, which job is better, and those who choose not to there’s only damaging their themselves through self infliction. We need to get it together you guys.

Progress is slow, I understand your pain.
The Progressive Party failed us, and now we see our hard work go down the drain with BBB.
What you have to understand is that we needed to make that mistake, we needed to understand and witness in full spotlight the faux populism of the establishment.

We had to teach Progressives a painful but necessary lesson in politics, one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon, one that will fuel the Party for the next decade.
One that showed the true power of the Progressive Movement, 6 Representatives and a Senator. We were supposed to have two, but Sinema turned out to be a GOP bred hoodwinker.
Because Kyrsten Sinema was planted, Mark Kelly has no colleague, only recently took the seat himself, and I know his wife, she’s famous here.
Az has a Democrat seat ready to back Progressives, but has no avenue to do it.
Or maybe he’s establishment and I’m naive, but I’m willing to give him a shot before labeling him.

Az wanted a Progressive, Sinema is doing more damage than she knows, and everyone here knows her ruse, knows she just stole the seat and can do nothing about it.
Az always plays games like this, 2024 before we can do anything about her, and she’ll have destroyed the Democratic Party by then if she isn’t kicked out before her actions gets blamed on them.

Georgia is still solidifying their democracy, as theirs has been marked unequal with every passing hour you have to wait in line to vote.
Cori Bush fights the national battle, but remember her main fight is in her home state. She doesn’t really have time to take the national effort on too, that’s why she’s a baller.

Ilhan Omar is being targeted by Marjorie Greene’s jihad.

Jayapal still hasn’t been ousted.

These are things that need taken care of before we can even consider your plan, but I’m going to be honest, it doesn’t sound realistic… in the slightest.
But you know that, and I understand the sentiment.

We have many losses ahead. I do not yet see strong Progressive voices on the political stage, and as I said before, so long as we run along side the Democratic Campaign Strategy, then we run along side our handlers in cages, unable to reach our constituents.

You’ve already said my ideas weren’t bad, so let me tell you what I’m trying to do.

I want Sinema’s Senate seat. I want to do it on an independent ticket, but I also want to campaign to pull constituents from both sides of the aisle.
I’m working on my fellow GOP locals now, and I think I’m making progress. These arguments I face are the main bulwarks Az Republicans have, so if I can get through to them, my chances for the rest of Az isn’t too bad.
I’m hitting chords, and I’ve shared everything I’ve been doing right here.
I started at the beginning of 2021 with this group chat of 700 members including my mayor, many elected officials, and many of the middle class. There are lower income residents, but everyone on my side except the mod that champions me and pulls his own weight well remain silent.
I dominate on my side, everyone is awed by dragons, the knowledge TYT gives us, if you watch on the daily, is exactly like seeing a dragon.
No one can believe it, I awe myself sometimes at how quick my answers come, how accurate my statements are EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I’ll allow this wall of sorrow this time, but we need people engaged, out there as much as in here. Talking them to death is apparently a solution.

My rebuttal is hope.

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Bro we’re in the same mindset lol