Excuse my vernacular, but when the hell are we going to wake up!

Why is vernacular so important in today’s intricacies, to put it simple for people to understand what the hell your trying to explain, most people have like minded ideals, but get lost through translation an supporting ideas they believe to deem correct because they’re to lazy to look through an issue in its entirety and grasp a common understanding, this has to established. Certain individuals have a version of what’s right in their mind in regards to your actions and ideal, aka that being you, but if as a collective whole are willing to lend thought based off communication to have a COMMUNITY. It would lead to network of intellectual conversations rather than reverting through violence and Irving your point out of pride, but noooooo common sense is lost through trying to prove a stance of right from wrong, when in all actuality neither exist. Opinions are an decryption of a point of perspective from a specific standpoint, whether you have the patience to listen to grasp another way of thinking about any issues is up to you and to better yourself as a human or to be self inflicting chaos upon yourself.

So do something about it

I’m sure I don’t have to explain this a multi-national issue and not only that, the ability for an individual to have patience to grasp positions from other aspects? I’m only one individual I know my limits, it takes a community willing to understand, not just say “do it,” that doesn’t help or contribute in anyway to me, posting this in itself is trying to bring it to attention, do something then? how about work a little on your own to contribute constructively.

So this is all about you then. Gotcha.

not sure if your being serious or not, but my post is communicating between individuals, and message the is clear, not sure how that would be about myself its just an observation I made, that I’m bringing to light, say what you like, but I’m not here to proven wrong or right I’m just stating observations I’ve made but your just proving my point further that communication is breaking down because lack of willing to understand and a greater itch to critic without extending hand to either help, learn, or teach.

if you having now thing constructive stop wasting my time

Who are you communicating between? Seems you are just posting word-salad nonsense full of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and repeating the same words from post to post.

That’s pretty sus. Kind of like your fake pfp from thispersondoesnotexist.com

And you totally made that post about you btw

Plus you’re the one who chooses to keep replying, not me. You are wasting your own time. Have a good day :wink:

lol this is true

still dont mind continuing, exploration to peoples opinions will only help me grasp a better understanding, so your first statement is probably spot on, but its only to better myself

Hey Drew, do not get discouraged. I struggle to communicate in print (verbally as well) and only recently have I discovered my lifetime of dyslexia. It had never occurred to me that others recall words visually in their mind’s eye as opposed to filing words phonetically. Reading, composition, spelling and grammar were always a challenge but I never knew myself to having a learning disability. I am not ashamed but only disappointed that I couldn’t participate in academia to the extent that I wanted. Find your voice and tame your writing, it should be heard. (or should I mean read in print?) :slight_smile:

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lmao to last quote!!!

Thanks gopaddle, I really appreciate that, I find myself in that exact same category, I don’t feel as my description are terribly filled with grammatical errors. It maybe just we sequence of words and I decipher them in my head, which may seem jumbled to someone else. And thank you for not being helpful, it it;s genuinely, others seem to be real hostile, rather than lending hand as you did. Thank you again

wait how did I make a post what are you even talking about thats me bruh