First Presidential Message

Ok, fine, it;s just my first message on this chatboard as a candidate. Still, you get it. Candidate Cenk is having a town hall tomorrow (yes, it’s still me, either way). And I wanted to tell you guys about it. I’d love to see you there. We’re going to lauch two People Projects. That’s where we’re going to ask you guys to help us raise an issue with people in poitics or the press.

It’s at 4PM Eastern tomorrow (12/20). You can join here:


I will be attending :+1:


Cenk, I have watched TYT on Pluto quite frequently. I recently made a one-time donation so I could access these conversations.
To me, it seems it would be impossible for you to ever get on enough ballots to matter. Nevertheless, it would be a start toward 2028.

While I am progressive enough to change my party affiliation from the GOP to being an independent, I am far from ever reaffiliating as Democrat. While I agree with a great deal of what I hear from TYT on TV, what do you propose to bring to a Presidency, should you ever gain general support. What is your platform?
I also think you could clean up your act a bit, especially your language. Being open and frank is wonderful, to be crass is not. Neither is flaunting your atheist credo. I am a Christian that happens to believe that an overwhelming number of my brothers and sisters in the faith have a gross misapprehension of the message of the Bible and, especially, the character and teachings of Jesus.
Convince me that I should be more than a one-time small donor. I want to be more committed than that - if it is warranted.

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