Fixing trust in our election integrity and eleminating the electoral college


here’s my two cents:

  1. We should eliminate the electoral college.
  2. Trust has been lost in our elections for half the country; we should restore it by moving to a single-day, on-site (with special exceptions for people who need to vote at home), paper ballot only vote like most European countries.
  3. Repeal Citizen United, and adopt the HR1 For The People Act from the 117th United States Congress.

We can compromise with republicans on Point 2 for Point 1, I personally think both are a win.

Thank you!


I’m with you. Soon after Citizens United was passed Youtube had for their lead subject a group called “End Citizens United” whose sole purpose was to go state by state and get the initiative on the ballot and bypass the SC altogether, and it was working until around 2016 when “End Citizens United” became a superpac. I wasn’t sure how someone or something co opted the site, but nothing more was mentioned about the mission (which was seemingly aborted) and communication with the movement was thwarted. Does anybody know anything about this?