Floridians are fighting back

I know the world thinks the worse of Florida and this won’t help.

In central Florida we voted for rent stabilization. However, two companies influenced our city council to nullify that vote. One company deals with rentals and the other home sales. val Demings, who sits on the city council, and her husband is a huge part of the corruption that has allowed the cost of rent and the prices of homes to sky rocket.

Recently, we gathered enough signatures on a petition to add abortion rights to the ballot this upcoming voting year. Our attorney general immediately squashed it.

WE ARE FIGHTING BACK! We’re just getting killed with unconstitutional actions. We’re fighting, we promise.


Hello, I’m also in the central florida area. Are you involved locally here?

@sciguy24 i haven’t been this cycle. Just keeping my registration up to date so i don’t get kicked off the rolls. If i ever come across an opening, I’ll jump on it.

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Please do

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So whats the latest activity you’re involved in?