Food with feed for those in need

this is a dream but if we are here to hope:

even though we are the richest nation in the history of the world many still go hungry. I have raised tons for a local food bank in detroit and it just never feels like enough. we need real long lasting change to our system but in lieu of that i was thinking a food truck for the those in need.

The food truck could visit major cities and disaster areas after disasters. I’ve just always thought it would be cool to donate and see your money going to good use.

A couple quick concepts for funding. first set up a live stream / content creation showing the hope and joy this brings. as well as prepping the food. their are tons of food channels on youtube and charitable channels like mr.beast that are extremely popular. you may have to focus on food prep and anyone that has given you permission to film them in order not to embarrass anyone struggling. i’m not sure if you can blur faces on a live stream but maybe something like that.

second idea for funding is throw some ads for tyt on the truck.

third idea progressive marketplace (see previous post).

this will not be enough funding especially until we can get a strong youtube presence but if we are here to hope…


I think this is a good idea. I would like to see it be part and parcel of a catering core. This could be a not for profit organization which rolled it’s profits into feeding the hungry via various distribution methods.