For the lonely progressives out there

Hi everyone,

My name is Phil, and I wanted to reach out to anyone who lives in very conservative areas. Personally, I live in a very conservative county in northern California. It went over 60% for Trump in the 2020 election. Most everyone I know is conservative and watches Fox News. Many of them are good people and are not informed or politically engaged enough to see outside of their own information bubbles. While I vote and try to share my views with those who will listen, I am sometimes overwhelmed by being surrounded by people who blindly consume media and support those like Donald Trump. To maintain my sanity, I decided to start writing and posting to Substack. While I do not have much of an audience yet, I find the very act of writing my thoughts to be therapeutic.

Anyway, this conversation is for those progressives or those on the left who feel lonely and isolated. If you identify this way or feel similar feel free to jump in and join the conversation.


I make it a point to not speak about politics with the general public. They’re manipulated into believing what they believe. Its pointless.

I wanted to say that your post immediately jumped out to me. I am 26 and live in georgia. I do live in a county of mostly democrats, where I attend college, but they are conformist/mainsteam democrats who think if you have beef with Biden then you are a conservative nutjob. I work in a managerial environment filled with conservative people who never support Trump outloud but do express interest in the ‘Trump-likes/lights’ of the party when I talk to them. I am gay and have almost no contact with my family, save for my sister (my decision for other reasons not including politics). My father is a hard Trump supporter. I have my whole life been told I am too young to know anything. I found TYT only a few years ago but I would not know where I would be without them. Fortunately, I have friends who do recongnize my passion for politics and even though they themselves have no interest and/or opposing views they listen. I appreciate the time you took to make this post as it is about something very real. The nights I have waisted wondering if there were people like me seem so silly today, but I find myself still wondering sometimes.


I live in super rural northwestern Illinois right on the Mississippi River. my village has less than 900 people and we’re in a very red part of the state. someone on my street drives their truck around simultaneously flying the American flag and a fuck joe biden flag. I would love to get involved with local and state politics but I almost doubt the existence of any big D Democratic apparatus. locally Republicans run unopposed. the Illinois 16th congressional district is unshakably Red. honestly sometimes I just feel hopeless.

Quick edit TYT and this community are responsible for me not completely giving up. I’m 35 married with twins who are 8yrs old. I want them to eventually live in an America where they have a chance to earn what they are worth in the job market. I want my daughter to have the final word over her body. I want them both to be fairly and faithfully represented in government. if this Republican authoritarianism isn’t defeated they’ll never know what it means to cast a vote in a legitimate election. TYT gives me hope we can come together and win this fight. not with violence and intimidation but words ideas and a diverse coalition of people who genuinely care about all Americans and all people.


You must live semi-close to me. I will say living out here does make dating ever more sad. There is a town not to far away which has 2.8 guys for every female last I checked. When you think then only 40% are non-Trump it makes the dating pool slim.

I think TYT is mainly a mix of rural area people that don’t fit with their local politics and like minded urban dwellers.