FOR THE LOVE OF GOD<! Please wake up working class citizens LETS WORK TOGTHER

I’ve been working on a frame working on how to identify the obvious misgivings this country has dealt, although there are some bills, apparently biased to specific demographics, there are ones imbedded in convolution intentionally placed for individuals to have a scape goat to continually wield their power selfishly. If we really don’t attempt to come together as collective front, I’m truly worried for not only our well beings, but for the future generations to come, it’s not going to be an easy task due to the lack of patience of individuals that are stubborn, but either we point out the facts and ask the hard questions…I really don’t know what will become of this so called free world. Basically to remove a weed d you have remove all the way to the roots or it will continue propagating, might I add growing with no regard for other life around it.I’ll be the first to start, I’m here to support/ help in anyway shape or form I have with in my means, but we NEED to come together, the right may have power in money based of fallacies, but we have the possibility to have strength in numbers, ability to utilize damning information, and most of all a foundation of actual care & concern for your fellow human being, which I believe will overshadow and outshine any machinations created by the greedily wealthy, and honestly self-promoting/conserving, lying pieces of shit we have appointed through manipulation and lies.

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I agree and recently concluded there is only one VERY frustrating path forward. We, on the left, need to just FULL STOP engaging the right on culture war issues. Barring the most extreme ideas that are downright dangerous we need to just ‘let it go’, and transition to economic and healthcare concerns. Try and find common ground THERE.

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Honestly my man, coming from previously working in the healthcare industry for 9 years, it’s just as corrupt as any other major system that has the capability to bring in revenue, I would go as far as saying it’s monetary affect on working Americans is one of the most, if not the most system that both federal and state take advantage of, it’s almost like money for the rich to capitalize on, kinda sicknesses that spread world wide and they would use fear mongering to manipulate you, oh wait that happened already lol

What we really need is a stronger narrative.

TYT leads the fight, but as Progressives, the very nature of our existence has lead to compartmentalization of Progressive voices, then diluted with faux Progressives, mostly conservatives basically blackfacing Progressive policies.

But specifically to this rare phenomenon of Progressive policy getting surgically removed out of the plan severely blew up in their faces, and they can’t get a handle on what’s going on.
Pelosi flabbergasted, “Our victory on the BBB plan”
“That plan sucks and Progressives are displeased.”
“…yes, as I said, the BBB is a victory…”

You planned this whole thing for your lie, make all these preparations, and you forgot to close the curtain.
Is this a magic show or a comedy show?
Neither, it’s an American Tragedy.

We have allies, Ring of Fire, Sam Seder, Humanist Report… there’s enough here to get good faith actors together and establish a… community narrative? Some Progressive thoughts are universal, all encompassing, issues where you say, “ok fine we don’t agree on how we want to do this, but at the same time, this issue is past due by 2 decades, so we can agree on this temporarily, until…” and everyone is like, “Yes, perfect, thank you, now about these internet trolls…”
“Sam, I don’t think social WMDs on rival political view points will…”
“But it would be so fun!”
"Sam, it’s on the back burner, Nina Turner’s campaign is coming up "
“Oh, right, we have work to do, I’ll save it for victory celebrations.”
“Moving on…”

Guess who that last one is.

While TYT leads the charge, much of our narrative aligns, I think most resonating is the idea that treason cannot be swept under the rug.
From there things kind of fall into place, we don’t need to argue the nuance of healthcare, we just need it!
We don’t need to argue the nuance of gun violence, we need common sense gun laws!
Social justice?
Women’s rights?

Because every single one of us collectively can say:
Duh Healthcare!
Duh Safe Streets!
Duh Due cause, due process, and due diligence!
Duh women are our equals!
People are equals!

This universal mantra we’ve been experiencing alone exposes the deception that is the Reconciliation Infrastructure Deal, and how Progressives’ baggage got left at the airport while the flight is trying to take off early.

Can you explain why just our baggage got left behind?
Or why I thought I saw our bags strewn across the runway as we were backing out to get in line for take off.

I don’t mean to be a Karen, but I’m about to open the emergency hatch.

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So I’m getting a bit better at this in reference to identifying rationale behind an opposing party. From a conjectural standpoint, the right side is scared of change, one because it will mess up their current living circumstances, and to be honest they are scared simply scared of change, they don’t allow themselves to adapt out fear of the unknown, they rather stick to what they know will work in their favor. They problem life is not static, it’s forever changing, now whether right wingers logical choose to adapt or be left in past is simply up to them!

they also don’t want to be misinterpreted as racists.
Here is a significant source of how things run off rails so fast.
Literally everyone is afraid of being racist; or a bigot, not looking so much at what it means to be a racist or bigot, but exclusively to being labeled a racist or bigot.

The actual racists and bigots use that fact, and try to blend themselves into the fear of persecution.

Let me tell you something people! I’ve been through the system, both with attorney and public defender for weed and beyond!
I’ve been arrested because of random searching people for a broken bicycle light, in fact random searches is standard procedure for anything involving a bicycle in Tempe, Az.
Probation and drug tests, I’ve violated probation because my testing center was unexpectedly closed.

I would not wish that on my worst enemy. A nonviolent crime? No victims? Even if you don’t like drugs, what is wrong with just confiscation? You know how much drugs cost? That alone is punishment enough, incarceration? probation? and fines people can’t afford in the first place?

No vengeance, just justice, not by my own hand, but by those that can see reason while I cannot.
No harsh punishments! That’s the exact same thing as beating your kids right? Physically disciplining your kids?

There are better ways for handling children and people.

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