From John Iadarola, The Damage Report

Hail Dragon Squad!

How has it been two years already? Time flies even faster than a dragon, it turns out. Well, your Dragon Daddy wanted to stop for a moment and mark this occasion because, although so much about our politics and our news hasn’t been at all what we’ve wanted it to be since the Dragon Squad was created, we have had one thing going for us… us!

Though we might have different dragon names, from the start we’ve had each other, and although I can only speak for myself, that has made all. the. difference. Waking up each day to the new insanity is bearable knowing that together we’ve created a community that is welcoming, accepting, curious, and compassionate. And, looking beyond the first two years to the future, I take strength from knowing that we’ll meet our challenges with the raw power and fury of a flight of fire-breathing dragons.

Thank you for your support, your friendship, and all that you’ve collectively and individually taught me since the beginning. And, if you would, please leave a comment below about what that the Dragon Squad has meant to you over the past two years. I’d love to see what you have to say.

John Iadarola
The Damage Report


I’ve been with the Damage Report since day one. It’s not just John, but the “regulars” - Francesca, Jayar, and Brett - are informative and entertaining. The best part is my friends in the Members comment section. Good people. Wise and always spot on.

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I like the feeling of family within the dragon squad.

Depending on the time of year, it airs at 3, 4 or 5am where I am, and at times I literally plan my life around the live show.

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8/10 for saying flight of dragons instead of thunder of dragons

Can you do a deep dive on the McCarthy concessions to the rules in the House? From reading a brief description in the Times, it looks like some of them are good!

There once was a close-knit group of Damage Report Dragons known as The Replay Squad. There were about twenty of us who watched the show every night when it was replayed. That ritual ended when the replay was canceled. But, the replay squad is still around, just all split up and spread out. I love the fact that I had such a “family” for the time I had it. I am still in touch with about half the Squad, and deeply miss those with whom I have lost that touch. I will always remember the nightly comradery, and be grateful to you, John, for bringing us together. The following Dragons must be mentioned: GROOVE DRAGON, Neworld Dragon, GoddessFourWinds, ISP Brotherwolf, Gypsymama, Blue Dragon, Sinfulsolutionz, Grandma Sunshine Dragon, Forbezilla, RialanN, Birb, Rajah Harris, Lateef aka Kalahssus Dragon, Dragon Princess Jen, Im Peachy, Martin, Morlengal Amathar, Vightingale, and more that slip my mind right now. Thank you, John, and The Damage Report for bringing these wonderful people into my world.

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