Fundraising through mocking crypto currency

The idea is a pretty simple and pretty silly one. As a way to mock the crypto currencies that have turned out to be scams, we make a currency that doesn’t turn out to be a scam but is just overtly inherently silly. The goal is to raise money either just to give to tyt itself or for Cenk’s campaign. The specifics could be ironed out but my idea is that we pick some sort of item that the currency can always be exchanged for that way it always has some sort of value.

Personally I specifically find it salient to make a psuedo crypto that works with the Portland company, Sock Dreams.

The currency would be called PScoin and it would stand for Programmer Sock Coin. Each coin would represent a single pair of thigh high socks from Sock Dreams that one could contact our exchange team to get in exchange for their coin at any time. We could discuss in detail which design and color of the socks as we would want the socks standardized to be used for this currency. It would be the only crypto coin real programmers would trust or we would jokingly market it as that.

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This is actually a great direction, I think that we need a bit more. I think we will likely use quite a bit of blockchain, and Defi backbones. is the best model I have found. They have a quasi decentralized governance model that integrates blockchain technology with voting.