Gaza conflict & Intelligence blunder

I am not well versed in this conflict. The main show discussion had me looking into this and I am confused.

I keep hearing that Egypt warned the Israelis a big attack was coming. When you get an effective autocratic figure head in power, they they may weaponize their own security failures. I am not saying that is what happened here, I just saying it seems possible.

I remember reading Netanyahu was overhauling the military at roughly the same time he was doing court reforms. To my understanding his reforms would leave the military in confusing command structure.

I wish peace for everyone. I understand the focus on revenge, but bombs never returned hostages.

Since 1947 uncritical supporty of Israel without reparations and compensation for lives lost during their warS, for lives lost, businesses stolen or destoyed, homes destroyed or land stolen by settlers or military in OCCUPIED foreign-mostly Jordan, Egypt-- territories; toward indigenous Palestinians has been a ethical, moral failure of the Cold War and onward. Yes, BOTH sides in these conflicts have engaged in terrorism and are at fault; and both should lay down all arms and attend UN sponsored peace talks that give BOTH sides defensible borders and access to trade and work and restoration to more normal lives. The main error was the 1920s oil oligarchs-USA and UK-- NOT adopting Lawrence of Arabia’s plan for indigenous homelands for ALL populations in the post WWI Ottoman Empire’s Levant lands. The whole world has been held captive to this greed mistake for over a century. The imposition of apartheid by the zionist Israelis proves they have NOT learned the real lessons of the WWII Holocaust. Only if two nations emerge form such peace talks OR a true Federation of Israel and Palestine as ONE nation state with full citizenship and property and voting rights for Arabs will this inhumanity stupidity ever have an end. Also I listened to Cenk’s idea to just wall off to the 1967 borders like was done with Cyprus, but I don’t think it would work- The Levant is NOT an island.

Thanks for the background information, I knew some of those things but this paints a more complete picture for me.

I am familiar with Cyprus and I would say there is no longer violence there. I would also say there is still a lot of pain there due to the forced resettlement. How it was done was a big thorn in many of their sides there was little warning. I have watched videos of people talking about how they miss their hold homes and old lives. I watched a video where one person was allowed to see their old house again it was hard to watch.

I am under no delusion that once that war had started violence was spiraling out of control. I will say based on the vlogger interviews of the people they seem to want a closer unity between them. I think this makes some sense there no mans land has many ghost buildings that are unoccupied monuments to the conflict. Also when you’re on the island knowing that you only can travel freely on part of it would feel a bit off it were me.

Maybe a separation is a good stepping stone, but the case given shows that people want security. Once security is reached the people want more then just a wall. Also in Cyprus’s case you have a huge tourism industry that can be shared by everyone across the island. I think the major distinction between the two cases is that the economics / history of Israel is far more complex.