Gaza slaughter help

General topic about Gaza. I live in CT I have a sign on my car , all it says is “ ceasefire now” the only responses I get are middle fingers and high beams. Tonight I had 3 in a row swerve in front of my car slam on the breaks and toss me the bird. Please someone out there tell me chances are they just believe the lies and they aren’t just evil. I told CENK during a super chat he’s my voice. It’s true… my wife thinks I’m going to get killed because I’m begging for peace. Someone tell me it’s gonna be ok. Please

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There is a segment that are just evil, but I am willing to bet that a great majority are victims of misinformation and disinformation- Please keep safe.


Thank you fourth. I have 10 fingers but only use 2/4 of them. Peace or double peace. I won’t take it down. If I pass maybe someone will finally care…. Just like it’s going to take a white person dying standing in front of a black American before shit ever gets done. I don’t drive with my wife in that car. I won’t put her in danger but I will take anything even if I have to pay the last price. So much love fourth.

Be careful there is a long history of white folks being beaten aside minorities when protesting for civil rights. For the most part you expect to be villainized by some posthumously post martyrdom.

It is best to take the flag down at night maybe, buy some dashcams if you put it up. Be smart about it Cenk nor anyone here desires reckless activism that leads to violence if we can help it.

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Thank you for the caring. since I put the small sign “ ceasefire now” no flag just a sheet of 8x11 taped in place I’ve received 3 good interactions but many many bad. I don’t do norm social media just YouTube znd now tgis posting site so I had to reach out tonight here to bring this up. I don’t want to die ever and I got to admit i never imagined I was being reckless for this small ask of peace … but in America I’m wrong. You are right I have to take that down now. I’ll use my lunch hour to stand on the corner with my sign. I live in Stratford ct but work in Branford ct. if my name pops in local news that will be the reason. I call and email my 2 senators and 1 rep daily. Ceasefire today dot com helps with the email sends. It’s a firm that you can append. I send them daily asks about each new development. For shame we vetoed the UN. For SHAME!!!

I think it is time the UNSC veto to need 4 votes not 1. That maybe a better sign and maybe will not incite the crazies so much?

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You might consider getting signs for the house and stickers for the car that say you have surveillance. They’re cheaper than the actual cameras, readily available, and these people harassing you are absolutely cowards. Be careful friend


Thank you that’s a good idea. I will take safety measures in the future. My heart hurts to much not to still beg for peace. There is horror everywhere it this world but This time it’s our money our taxes that I could have used to by my family food instead goes to the death machine. It’s our fault. We are guilty for ever last death. Can’t stop crying my brothers and sisters and non binary. I can’t even sleep. I’ve been working OT just afford to gift mem, tyt will not stop reporting the truth and I’ll climb Everest to make sure they can express the truth with out the intimidation I receive just for a 8x11 peace beg. Much love to everyone


I think so too. I think we should do something about this. What do you think about establishing a method for voting a president out of office?

A recall is a bit of a double edged sword we must be careful with that idea.

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I agree that we must be careful. The whole reason why I want this, is to prevent harm.

Biden is not going to help with this and I think that’s why his approval rating is 32%. Biden does not represent most Americans and he does not represent me.

Not in my name.

We need to do something about this. There is a method in Article Five of the US constitution for states to call a constitutional convention. We could use that to establish a method for voting a president out of office. I think this would send a strong message to politicians in this country that the American people want peace.

@here what do you think?


Our first goal must be to eliminate all terrorists. Only then can there be a cease fire.

Killing just foments more killing. If you mean getting rid of terrorists by fixing the systems that lead to people supporting violence then I think you’re in the right place :+1:t3:
Trying to get lawmakers involved in a discussion regarding article 5 is certainly an attention grabber, but there already is a mechanism to remove a sitting president. Impeachment, as some presidents have experienced, and removal which hasn’t happened in the US.
Despite the whole idea of representation, our public officials are pretty well insulated from the demands of their constituents. Unless said constituents are the major donors.
Wish I had some more positive stuff for everyone, I’m barely keeping above water here.

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I would say the next step is for Bibi to step down he caused the failure he will not be the one to fix it.

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I see what your concerns are but for me it is more like point at the vector for our dissolution.

For me there are two points

1: National emergencies Act.

2: War powers Act.

Both are dangerous but they could work in concert against us with particular risk.

Why would a constitutional convention be a vector for our dissolution?

How would those two acts work against us?

We’ve had a brief ceasefire already. Now, let’s aim for a more extended one. Egypt has a proposal for a ceasefire that they believe could bring an end to the war. I think it’s a fantastic idea.

Egypt sets out ambitious Israel-Gaza ceasefire plan | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera.

That is how you suspend the constitution and send us to war without congress. I am not saying get rid of the basis for the idea but they would be how you subvert us.

Israel is having a slow moving judicial crisis for a while now. I think you must look at these factors as to why Bibi has acted the way he has.

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The looks like the deal that both withdrew from. I don’t think that should kill it but I have no telemetry as what is happening.

I guess the contention is Egypt holding control over Gaza for a period.

Honestly I agree this needs the UN.