General Strike - US

"Our broad list of demands includes, but is not limited to: Climate action. Universal healthcare. Racial justice. Reproductive rights. LGBTQIA+ rights. Living wage / raise the minimum wage. Immigration reform. Education reform. Gun safety. Tax the rich. Affordable housing. Disability rights. Welfare and child support reform. Voters rights. Constitutional convention. Paid family and medical leave. Criminal justice system reform. Workers’ rights. Permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

Specific demands will come from leaders and experts of existing fights for racial, economic, gender and environmental justice."


For actions to work they must be tied to demands that could be met. It is important to match the appropriate action to the appropriate demand.

If you talking general strike you have to have a broad idea with much support. Something like nuclear disarmament, humane working conditions, ending wars, and constitutional crisis.


Thanks for the link, @coralreefer do you know how long they have been organizing?

After checking out the link, I’ve signed my strike card on that site to help build momentum, and also signed up for some of their organizing meetings. :turtle:


A few years ago, a general strike would have been unthinkable. But things are getting very interesting and promising around the country, the Knoxville UAW union win is just the latest example. But compared to other countries, it still might be hard to accomplish imo.


Do we know if the general strike link which @coralreefer shared above is related to the 2028 general strike plans with UAW?

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