Get the money out of politics or its all a waste of time

We have so many things we’re trying to fight for but we need to face a reality: None of it will happen unless we get the money out of politics. Because this is the ultimate obstacle keeping us from achieving all of our goals, I think its obvious we need to focus all our time and effort on this cause first!

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Getting money out of politics is a very important thing but our hands aren’t tied until then. We can still invoke change. It’s just really, really difficult.


I couldn’t possibly imagine a higher priority target than that😍

There’s one common aspect of the “legalized bribery with tax deductions” is that nobody seems to be trumpeting to the country that they’ve taken millions to vote against their voters best interests, instead of their voters and for the people who pay cash :money_mouth_face:.

All very hush-hush, of course :smirk:

But the information is out there of how much is being bribed to whom and a billboard campaign could be devastating :sunglasses:

A viral comedy takedown of the same data would drive mass media nuts playing wac-a-mole :joy::joy_cat::rofl::+1:


I always thought the whole augmented reality would be cool or maybe a face recognition. You scan the their face and the “donation” list comes up. The AR could be you put your camera over the politician speaking and it lists donors and industry affiliation would pop up in an overlay around them.


The single most effective way to deal with money in politics is unrestricted truth.

Make everyone’s financial information public and justification might be far more difficult that the lies the provide cover.

A CEO can’t justify being paid more than three hundred times more than the average worker, not the lowest paid.

We all have choices to make and removing the cloaking system called financial pricacy makes inequality unavailable so it can finally be addressed as the root cause it is.
Nobody steals from boredom
Nobody gets addicted because everything is peachy. We all self medicate to ease the pain .
The difference is we somehow believe it’s moral to have criminal cartels deliver adulterated drugs for people with physical addictions, a medical condition, not a criminal rapsheet.
…and we’ll let that people die on the street, clucking our tongues and saying they deserved it when what they truly deserved was our understanding and compassion.

Nobody should be without the essentials of life and that absolutely includes education to the maximum potential of that person. Free and with a stipend because that knowledge will turn into wealth and complete financial visibility will, once and for all, level the playing field called life.
If you’re wondering how to pay for it, the US spends a trillion dollars on a war machine none of its voters want because flag draped coffins are too high a price to pay for oil.:cry:

We can be better
We will do better👊🏼

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We can be collectively very heartless. We stripe mine human potential at the cost of our own future. This all for the perception of control, we live in the dark ages. I think it is easy to feel like a victim in a system that seems to thrive of victimhood.

It is clear during this phase of capitalistic saturation, many people seem to resemble a dog guarding their bone from the other dogs outside the fence.

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It’s the difference between being advanced and being evolved.:thinking:

An advanced person can, without thinking, do harm to another for apparently to us, no reason

An evolved person knows there’s only one of us here and that’s everything we see and feel. We are our world and it’s time that we remember that fact before we travel the same path as others .

We can do whatever we choose to do :facepunch:t3:
It is for each of us to select what is their truth and live it fully.

And if im wrong, ya got a better idea

I’m sorry but we need to live in reality. Nothing we do has any shelf life because money corrupts. We pass a law, then 2 years later the republicans in office over turn it. We won’t accomplish anything of any significance until we get the damn money out of politics. It’s a hard reality but we need to start living in the real world and seeing whats really going on here.

I think you maybe right.

The only way money gets out of politics is if we can consensus build around solutions in my opinion.

I really am grateful everyone showed up here operation hope has been a boon. I would love it if this turned into something great. It has the makings, but potential is far from realization.

There maybe ideas that indirectly make it easier to remove money from politics. This would further the greater goal while maybe not being a direct win.