Getting musky in here

Elon Musk, the USA bought you your car company, the same way we bought you Space X, where Tucker Carlson is a trust fund baby, you Elon claim all your riches with the subsidiaries provided to you by our American taxes.

You don’t pay enough attention to your engineers, for years Tesla has been saying you can’t focus because of Space X, Space X says you can’t concentrate because of Tesla, in reality you’re making bad financial decisions trying to leverage your car company, that Americans paid for by the way, for a failing social media platform so you can be heard.

The only reason Tesla is down is because you committed to an idea without any consideration to how business fucking works!
Twitter didn’t even gain in value, that’s value sacrificed and lost!

Just like your family, you don’t give a shit about anything!
No one needs to listen to fucking Elon Musk!
You’re a fucking idiot if you take advice from this guy!

This is what I’m fucking talking about! One lane tesla lanes, look at that and tell me that’s not a fucking accident just waiting to happen every five fucking minutes!

You gonna trust yourself? wearing off the sides of your tires that’s not meant for traction?
That’s not even the worse that could happen to you, just fucking look at that thing!

Fuck Elon Musk!

How is this scientific discovery?
So sorry your feelings are hurt Elon, but you’re not fucking God, science comes first no matter how many times you repeat your damn fantasies in your head!

The science comes first genius!
Running your fucking company successfully!
Avoiding being a dipshit father!
How much money do you think it’s going to cost for you to get bligodorf to love you.
Because you don’t want anyone saying their name, so now I gotta make shit up.
Doesn’t matter, they’re not growing up with a dad anyway.
We bastards are worthless, more worthless than your rented tiny house you made your pregnant wife live in.

What’s that Musk? There’s a used Elon in here, and no one is willing to touch it to get rid of it.
Just hoping it will… go to Mars, maybe, someday, this is how you wish on stars, like Elon’s kid, probably asking for a name their friends can pronounce, or spell.

You went to the banks and told them you wanted to buy Twitter, a failing social media company.
The banks are not stupid, they see bad business decisions all the time, and especially from the wealthy, you cannot always rely on their common sense.
Because they get bold and out of control, forget the principles of risk and think themselves royalty gambling our welfare at a game of chance.

So when the banks told Elon Musk what a bad idea it was trying to leverage Tesla, a company of incredible worth, and an investment the banks also have interest in in terms of loans and liability, Elon did what every stupid rich person does at one point or another and completely disregard their own business principles.
In Elon Musk’s case, his business sense left him long before his wife did, long before he decided it was a good idea to name his child something no one can say or spell.
Gonna make it hard in grade school, poor chigroushtaka, or whatever that absent father named that bastard.

What? It is what it is, my Dad died when I was six, I was condemned to bastard for life, wimblgorfhousanfrat?
Gonna have to live their life knowing Dad is alive and well, richest man in the world, and forced their mom to live in a tiny home during pregnancy.

“What was being rich like mommy?”
At that point, there won’t be any hope to clear the lingering Musk of a deadbeat, worthless, absent father.

Not so different front from the direction of his business affairs, because Tesla stock crippled, just because Elon committed, and has yet to find a way out of his financial predicament.

What a fucking idiot.
You had everything, all you needed to do was listen to your engineers and wife, and you’d be sipping tea with gatingalingdatudatu in your lap right now!
Probably not in a tiny home, knowing your exwife she would have chosen something badass like a steampunk palace!

You fucking moron!