Gift memberships

I’ve been wondering about this for a long time and can’t figure out where to ask. We always hear about people gifting memberships and I’ve always wondered who they’re gifting them to. Is it people they know personally? Seems like a lot of gifts for that sometimes. Can people ask to receive a gift membership? Is it less about people actually being members who watch and more just a way people donate to TYT? Asking bc I couldn’t find this info anywhere.

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When they read those announcements they are referring to members on Twitch or Youtube. I don’t know much about Youtube but Twitch allows you to gift a membership to a person if they are not a member. Otherwise you can gift still but they seem to be applied randomly mostly and perhaps based on active users within approximately 24-48 hour time period.

Just a couple days ago I though they should do a version that is need based. Like every week people gift memberships into a pool. During that same week others could request the membership based on need. People could then upvote based on the requests. If one request got like 10 upvotes they would be gifted a membership. At the and of the week you could just assign the memberships to the rest of the requests based on votes.


I would love that due to my recent situation. Seniors, unemployed, underemployed, handicapable…so many budgets are stretched to the max but we all need to be heard & be involved. I dont know about tiered membership options. The middle class and below need a platform…we need to get America to fight for the everyday American!

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