Grow on Tiktok!

Please hire a young social media coordinator and create a TikTok following. The demographic that will overwhelmingly support you are Gen Z and Millenials and you need to gain traction by posting more often, especially with messages pushing your most important policies. Work with progressive influencers on TikTok to spread the message far and wide across the country and the world. Getting verified and going viral will spread your message like wildfire and the mainstream media won’t have any choice but to report on it.


I’ve had this idea, but I have no idea how to operate TikTok. Help!


I think they had an affiliate program at one time. This maybe a better way to execute that idea. I think they need to coordinate content and have editors that understand TikTok / Gen Z to really get the most out of their content.

Yes, I saw your post. I can help out.

That’s awesome! What’s the best way to connect?

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My apologies. Had tech difficulties to connect. I had to move to my aunt’s house because of power outage. I use discord, twitter. But feel free to propose which one is better for you, I can install and accommodate.

This is a great idea! Tik Tok is hugely popular with the younger generations. If we get some hip n cool individuals to create engaging and persuasive content we could both grow the TYT empire and the might of operation hope.

Maybe we could get Ray William Johnson? He seems to be a progressive. He as well as other established progressive influencers could be invited to team up with us and produce content that highlights how progressive reforms are exactly what we need.

We currently have it setup over on TYT Official to get notifications when TYT goes live on YouTube and Twitch, when new clips are posted to YouTube, and also new Twitter and Instagram posts go up. We are also working on the same for TYT Tik Tok posts.

THIS!!! Cenk must campaign on TikTok. If he gains popularity there, the media will be forced to cover him. And would love for Cenk to connect more with the youth.