Had an idea how to talk to Trumpers

I heard an interesting interview where an ex- Trumper explained how she was initially captured and captivated by Trump. A very big reason was how right-wing media, in paticular FOX, had so demonized and exaggerated the Democratic power and how evil it is, that people on the right were already fearful. Here comes a strongman who “speaks” to the people and promises to fix things. She said things like the pussy tape were horrifying, but not as bad as a Democrat!
So anyway, maybe if we approach talking to MAGA about Democratic values rather than Trump, we might make headway. No one wants to hear they made a mistake, but if instead learn the media lied to them, the medicine might go down easier. Just a thought, and a little long for a comment on the live show. Thanks, Boomerdragon Kat.


I totally agree. I think this would help some people get out of their bubble. Hopefully leading to less Trump supporters.


I agree that talking down on Trump and the Democrats will end a conversation with Neo-liberals and Neo-conservative capitalists in a heartbeat. My approach is similar to what you suggest only I do not refer to Democratic values as such. Just saying the word Democrat can turn Trumpers and Republicans off. The last couple of years, in conversations, I have been measuring both parties and they’re similar ideology, how it plays out on the street here and across the world as having to get over the crossbar of universally accepted ethics and morality. This way I scrutinize, and am critical of the policies and legislation, not the people. I notice that if a first take time to frame my expectation to be the same for both sides, for all sides as having to meet universal values, then we can find common ground.


The democrats and republicans both, are why we have Trump in the first place. Both beholden to corporate democracy. The democracy that Biden and the DNC are afraid of losing. The problem is this type of democracy doesn’t work for the people.

Thus if the people are finding that this democracy is not working for them, they figure there’s not much to lose and vote for change. Albeit the wrong change.

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Yeah it is pretty funny, economics for the left is like lgbtq rights for the right. You have to know a poor person before poverty is a problem.

Before Trump started running for President I told my family I wouldn’t vote for him even if someone paid me to. Of course I was joking about the getting paid part but my uncle’s response was, “well, no one is going to pay you to vote” as if I was being serious. I am not a republican or Democrat but considering myself an independent and speaking of corruption on both sides but bc I don’t automatically agree with them they attack me in any way they can. My own uncle was insinuating I truly thought I could get paid to vote, they truly see others as those who want everything but don’t want to do anything to earn it. They truly think others only vote for the Democrats bc they want free stuff. They will tell me to vote for Trump bc he is and was a good businessman but when I point out facts on how he is not and most of his business dealings the little man got the shaft…their response, they walk away…they completely ignore the facts, make some kind of comment about how I am the crazy one then completely refuse to include me in the family. I have been trying to reach my own family for years. Most of these individuals are “brainwashed” and that is very hard to undo. I have found in most cases, the individual has to want to wake up.

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The winning argument against is really about manufacturing doubt long-term. It would go something like this and ideally not happen all at once but over many dialogues.

If Trump was so great why are we doing so bad even after he got in to office?

Well you see there were dark forces and the deep working to stop against

Ah that makes sense because it didn’t even look like he was trying he must have been busy fighting that deep state?

Yeah well you see he really is a wonderful man and how do I love him so.

Yeah I wonder if you don’t like him so much that you didn’t figure he might not be the right guy for the job?

 What do you figure? Trump is right for all jobs every JOBS!!!

Well if the all the evil forces work so hard against him maybe he is running to really just give cover for another candidate? Maybe voting for him isn’t what he wants you to do?

Getting an opportunity to explain your pain and problems as being aligned with their pain and problems. Make sure you don’t use accusable or dictatorial framing if possible.

The key in the beginning is small wins.

I have had similar responses from the brainwashed. I’ve concluded that they won’t ever agree or aknowledge their obdurate ignorance. The best we can do is demand their respect by our consistency and calling out their hypocrisy. They won’t aknowledge that either but they will see our steadfast principles compared to their own shifting and unreliable positions. It’s the best we can do.