Has TYT reached out to Jon Stewart?

Apparently Jon Stewart walked from Apple TV over them not allowing him to cover topics AI and other topics that umm might “hurt their business”. Is it possible to get him involved in the TYT network in some capacity?


Jon Stewart doesn’t need anybody. TYT’s audience is too small anyways. He should start his own youtube channel and build it. This just shows if you’re going to be talking about the important issues you need to 100% own your platform. Whoever at apple thought Jon Stewart wasn’t going to talk about controversial topics obviously doesn’t know shit about Jon Stewart.

I think this is a great idea and it never hurts to ask. Jon Stewart is fantastic & would be a great addition to the TYT network.


This is entirely possible. What you have to do is put social pressure on each to have an interview. You have to see if they jive first, in my opinion.

I’m sure TYT has reached out to Jon for an interview but probably with no luck. I agree with @sciguy24 that if Jon wanted to, he could start his own YouTube channel and the audience would find him sooner or later.