Here's a way to bring more people in

So I started watching TYT after a clip of Anna going off on the religious folk from long time ago. Immediately I was like “she gets it…let’s see what show she has”.

One of the issues when I discuss getting my news from TYT is that I don’t have specific clips to show someone about a specific topic if I think they can relate. My suggestion is to have TYT make 5 minute clips about specific topics that explain TYT views on it. That way if I sense there’s a topic that could help someone and pique their interest i could just send them the link. Trying to find the topics in the past segments is impossible due to the sheer amount of content, if it’s not saved. The topics need to be encompass all aspects of the show and unique takes on issues that sets TYT apart from most. An example topic would be showing how main stream media loves the conflict so they can keep their jobs.

Anyway…I think it’d be good to be able to give a link to someone about a topic directly and from TYT point of view.


Edit add: TYT showed me it’s ok to get angry at the left. I wasn’t aware of all of their inaction before. Things like that.


I too have been trying to figure out the best way to pique interest. I love this idea!

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I would check the TYT TIk Tok accounts for videos and there are also show clips that are posted in the TYT YouTube Channels after each show, The videos from RebelHQ, TheBreakdown, TYTInvestigates, The Watchlist, and also TYTSports over in Youtube. You can get alerts when new videos go up over in the TYT Discord too

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David Shuster does some Rebel HQ clips that could be what your looking for.

David is really great at honoring decorum and ethics. I think he could help win over more moderately minded voters.

I am not sure they are going to be receptive to the message, especially if it is to blunt.

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I Love David Shuster- I’ve been watching him since The Gulf War. He’s compassionate, intelligent, well informed, and also happens to be hilarious!! He’d be extremely difficult not to like- or at least listen to, imo.

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