Hind's Beacon: The Resolute Call

Hind’s Hall will echo in history that others will mark as the clarion call.

Done in collaboration with ChatGPT.

In the hallowed halls of Hind’s Hall,
Where courage echoes through the walls,
We gather 'neath her steadfast gaze,
To honor her in countless ways.

A name now etched in memory’s embrace,
A beacon of hope in darkest space,
For Hind, whose voice rang clear and true,
A symbol of resilience, through and through.

She called for help, in dire need,
But violence struck, a ruthless deed,
The ambulance, a target made,
And medics fell, their sacrifice paid.

Yet Hind’s spirit, it did not wane,
In her name, we rise again,
For every soul unjustly lost,
We pledge to bear the heavy cost.

With resolve as strong as steel,
We vow to fight, with hearts unsealed,
Against the forces that seek to maim,
And tarnish humanity’s noble flame.

In Hind’s Hall, we stand as one,
Our voices raised, our battle begun,
For justice, peace, and dignity,
In her name, we’ll set humanity free.

So let our actions speak aloud,
In every deed, in every crowd,
For Hind, and all who’ve gone before,
We’ll strive to make the world restore.

In the hallowed halls of Hind’s Hall,
We’ll rise above, we’ll never fall,
For love and kindness, we’ll stand tall,
And heed the righteous, clarion call.


Thank you for a memorial to that beautiful girl , Hind. I heard her fear, surrounded by her dead relatives , on a tape of her call to Crescent Emergency Services. May the 10th ring of hell encompass those IDF monsters forever.