Hold companies accountable for hiring scams

As a Gen Z trying to get into the workforce the #1 issue our generation faces is not being able to get jobs due to companies posting fake positions on job boards, entry-level jobs requiring 4+ years of experience, basically no reachable opportunities for recent college graduates. If you push the message of fighting against this you will have the support of every Gen Z of voting age. In Europe, there are jobs specifically reserved for students of recent graduates and I really think something similar needs to be implemented.


Companies seem to be more and more restrictive with workers all the time.

We need to have a public works core. This should take supervised young adults takes them to work all over the world (US included) doing public works projects for the greater good. These projects should be matched with the applicants desires around skill acquisition. This would need a ton of oversight to get correct, however I think could help with many of our problems collectively. This would be a very juicy target for capture and infiltration. I think that special care would be needed if this endeavor were to be pursued.