How I shared the truth with wealth inequality skeptics: The Trading Game

This method has moved my right-wing friends and family, both young and old, into solidarity on the issue of wealth inequality.

Buy this book, The Trading Game, and share it with those close to you. Maybe read it yourself first to figure out who you know might be receptible to it. Ideally, this book demonstrates how wealth inequality is an issue, especially for those otherwise skeptical or even opposed to the notion.

The book is the true story of growing up economically disadvantaged, winning a card game to land a job as a trader with Citibank, then quickly becoming their most profitable trader by understanding and betting on the continuing collapse of our macroeconomy, caused by wealth inequality. Also, the book is currently #1 bestseller in the Sunday Times, two weeks in a row.

The author has since became an activist trying to organize people together around understanding our shared economic imperative to reduce wealth inequality. His YouTube channel, Gary’s Economics, features educational videos on various aspects of the issue.

Below are, IMO, the two best interviews with the author, …

… his first interview with Novara Media (focused on the issue): …

… and his second interview with them (focused on his story):

Hopefully by buying and sharing his book we can keep it a best seller and grow the impact of his story and message. If your friends and family would be more interested in video content, rather than a book, then the second interview (above) may be a good start. And if the book does well enough, hopefully a cinematic adaptation of his story will emerge later.