How to be compassionate in the world we are living in today

Hello i was just meeting with a patient ( I’m a psychotherapist) and we were going over self compassion and i asked her to list people whether they are famous or not who exhibit compassion. She said she only had a few. This lead to a discussion on how since 2016 things have changed. People dont seem to have a filter and people seem to be very self centered and angry. I spoke to her about what qualities a compassionate person has and challenged her not only to be compassionate to someone but be compassionate to herself.
The way i show compassion to others is to help homeless people ( i dont need to record it for the world to see, i do it for God and for the betterment of society). How i show compassion to myself is noticing that i might be stressed or needing to put some boundaries around my time and space and treating myself as i would treat a friend. That might look like saying kind things to myself in the mirror or doing self care activities such as exercising, playing my video games and hanging out with my cats or my husband ( when hes not driving me nuts lol). I believe if we are compassionate to ourselves 1st then we can be compassionate to others in a more earnest and real way. #teamjoy General Chat Other Campaigns TYT Shows and Hosts


I’m very lucky that I have lots of people in my life with compassion.

When I think of the word compassion I think of those folks plus Mr. Rogers. I know PBS has an “updated” version of his show in Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood, but I believe it’s an incomplete version.

There’s no substitute for real human interactions. He did an amazing job talking to kids, and not just with his words, but his tone, his pace, his facial expressions, his gestures, etc.

We need more folks like that.


I totally agree. Mr. Rogers was an extraordinarily kind, compassionate human being. We need more examples of him in society rather than the selfish, bombastic hypocrites that are in leadership. We also in society need show more compassion to ourselves this world. If we treated ourselves as we would treat a good friend , i believe it would transform society in a beautiful way. :slight_smile:


Compassion. Yes, it definitely seems like there is a deficit of compassion and empathy. Mr. Rogers is a wonderful example of both. Growing up, he was my favorite–and still is! For a lot of my childhood, I thought the only people who truly cared for me were my grandma and Mr. Rogers. It’s funny because I hear a lot that you can’t really love (fill in the blank: have empathy for, have compassion for) another until you love (etc.) yourself. While I appreciate the logic, I disagree. I have always had extreme empathy for pretty much everyone, yet I always found it hard to have it for myself. I believe I show compassion by listening to and caring for others, and honestly seeing and hearing them, yet allowing for compassion for myself has always been difficult. I wish I did more to help others, like volunteer, but as I am pretty much a shut-in, I don’t really do anything. Having kids has helped me find compassion and empathy for myself because my unquestionable and unconditional love for them has slowly shown me that that’s what I deserved as a baby, a child, a teenager, etc. Maybe I’m wrong, but sometimes it takes having compassion for others to be able to start to have compassion for yourself. :woman_shrugging:


Yes, absolutely!

I couldn’t agree more!


Let me just say one thing, super clearly:

You are an amazing, supportive, kind and caring person.

It shows in your kind words, how often you reach out to others, how you offer to chat, and so much more.

You are a gift to this community.

Volunteering is about helping others. Some folks have the ability to serve food in a soup kitchen, go to their local schools to read, pick up trash, etc.

Some folks, like you and I (both ‘shut-ins’) cant get out to do the physical stuff. And thats ok.

You help folks every day. And this community us lucky to have you!!


Aw, thank you! To be honest, that was really hard for me to write and I almost deleted it, so your words really mean a lot. Especially because I respect the hell outta you. :heart::heart::heart: