How'd we get here and our next generation

Just thoughts as far as how society has gotten here lol, What morals are we passing on? I feel as if we spend way to much time dwelling on efficiency and accomplishing tasks as quickly as possible to yield the most profitable and fastest outcome. Why are we concentrate solei on progressing forward, essentially rushing thru life, which typically means missing fundamental viewpoints and lessons from others, simply status quo. Why aren’t we also instilling other critical thoughts such as sustainability and longevity for true progression? In a sense of quantity vs. quality pertaining to individuals and ALL generations to come. Thinking of their predispositions being born into a society focused so much on acquiring for ones self, attaining power, even if that means taking away from others in society. Food for thought lol

My outspokenness comes from the vision I see for our children’s future.
Our children will need allies, more from the older generation the better, and they need direction, the moral compass that has been passed down for generations that is the Progressive Movement.

I am still in awe that I hadn’t known about Bernie Sanders until his Presidential campaign.
Being struck by the fact that TYT had been there the WHOLE time, I should have known aboit this program at the beginning of the Iraq War!
TYT was just beyond it’s time! Youtube wasn’t a thing at the beginning of the millennium!
And Democrats are truly masters at the art of distraction and manipulation.
We should have seen it more with Obama, we should have seen this slide Republicans took when George W. Bush evaded a Senate decision by LYING to the American public over a weapon of mass destruction that didn’t even exist in the first place to keep us in a 20 year war we shouldn’t have fought in the first place!

We’re almost a quarter into the first century of the millennium, and our Climate Change Champion, Greta Thunberg, a mere child, stands alone staving off our most insecure world leaders single handedly making the world look juvenile losing to arguments like, “blah blah blah.”

It’s too late for us, the only thing we 20th century relics have left to offer is paving the way for our future to fix our problems as unhindered as possible.

We must ensure the next generation understands the responsibility that awaits them, and show them what unwavering integrity looks like.

As Progressives, we must focus on how we stand our ground, how we protect our values from attack, and how to keep the message from getting distorted.

We have our values, now we must work on keeping the narrative strong, because our two party system would rather we stay in our lane.
It’s time to share the road.

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I do you one better, lets pave our own, especially looking at the daunting tasks that await us, solutions that are so steeped in a maze of convoluted loophole legislation making it almost impossible due to nuanced language. I’m tired of people, not you, but individuals using facts 1800’s or early 1900’s to prove some sort of point that really has nothing to do a resolution. Collectively our best bet is to first get everyone on the same page in sense of putting aside interpretations language and really just ask how, when, where, why, what do you need as individual to contribute to society to get this cogs turning again. If not where literally just a frozen clock fated to revert back to times of chaos.

I fear we will not get to reap the benefits of our rewards, but you are correct, the path we lay is the foundation we must tamper so that our successors have steady foundation to lay a proper future down.