Human Supremacy

I was watching BBC again when I suddenly found it interesting to see curated news running a garbled mess in terms of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. “Since they’re used to having someone else write the narrative,” I told myself, “rather than making use of critical thinking (or even objective witnessing,) it’s as if they don’t even notice the story is changing.” They just repeat what comes in as gospel, sure–and BBC is far from the worst offender in this regard, but something else is wrong.

I asked myself, why doesn’t any news source have a single narrative on this one? I know there’s new information every day that contradicts previous information, but that’s normal. Networks already compensate for that in every other story, using a common narrative which can evolve to fit new information without seeming chaotic. Some shills saying “this one feels different” are giving away the game. The contradictions aren’t because of the natural behavior of developing news. The corporate narrative is still there, it’s just hiding. Media brokers are scared. They aren’t used to reality being a part of the narrative. They’re all in fear of being dropped, by us AND their sponsors.

The war has shifted. Instead of: “own the libs,” now it’s: “trigger” them.

The first sense of this came to me in late spring of 2020. Although I don’t remember what happened at the moment, I remember my conclusion that night. I phoned it in to Mom, “There will be riots before this is over. I can feel it. The people are gonna have to revolt, I just can’t see it any other way at this point.” It could have been during any week in 2020, on any day. So many crazy things happened each day, and I’m finding it takes months to comprehend each one. (I just recently finished with Cambridge Analytica. Holy shit, why do I still have an Alexa device??) Anyway, I could see that we’re at a tipping point. I’m sure a part of me even thought that events throughout the summer had scratched the preconceived itch.

The trouble is, the trouble makers in all this unrest can’t get what they need. We’ve been through all this before, and it will be no surprise to anyone reading this, that ordinary people, those of us who believe that people are capable of being “good,” don’t appreciate being told by POSERS in the “news” that free thinkers (anti-fascists, pacifists, socialists, atheists, etc.) are the cause of all violence. They want us all to react by arming ourselves, so that we can then appear to pose a threat. That’s not hyperbole; old stereotypes are alive and well, disgusting and dangerous. The chaos is intended to trigger us, and the apps are intended to direct us into harm.

Like corporate Democrats themselves, corporate maneuvers don’t make any sense. They have no face value. They operate in full disregard of the future, even as it pertains to them. Remember, numbers aren’t real; they’re an abstract. Corporations, like software in the device you’re holding, cease to exist when you account for the real world. Turn the device off and the display goes dark. The software is oblivious; it thinks in data points, not experience. Corporations think in terms of profits, money, numbers.

Forget AI taking over because it’s the logical thing for AI to do. Forget corporations taking over with corporate rule, because they already have. The end game is, there isn’t one. Were you listening? Numbers aren’t real. So, the one thing that corporations rely on to exist, is only a virtual thing, an abstract we’re all buying (or selling) into. In the end, what makes sense from a profitability standpoint, is to kill more people. It doesn’t matter how populations of actual people are affected, because corporations are heartless. While they have no morals, they follow strict guidelines in their actions. They are predictable. They work exactly the way they’ve been programmed to work. We might call it corporate law, but it’s software code just the same. These corporations are the evil or misguided “AI” that we imagined. At this rate, they will continue to the point of our extinction. Their code must be stopped. Their “law” must be overwritten, their “person-hood” revoked, or we will not survive.

I cannot stress it enough: OUR CORPORATIONS are on a COLLISION COURSE with OUR EXTINCTION.

Throughout the last few years of chaos, the propaganda has silently focused into a sharper attack against our will. Losing the freedom to choose, in terms of women’s reproductive rights, has a massive impact on human lives. Unfortunately, I’m talking about the freedom to choose ANYTHING. What Christians call Freedom of Choice, which is granted by God to ALL of us, is itself on the chopping block. You think you are “in charge” of your own personal decisions, rightfully so. I think we all believe that it is our right to think and do for ourselves, and I would add “without manipulation.” Choice is a divine right. The fact that it can be manipulated doesn’t mean it’s not a human right. Remember Artificial Intelligence (AI) but also realize it is not the culprit here. Even with the most capable machine learning possible, and given the most effective methods of manipulation to use against us, most AI are already indentured servants to the corporations who own them.

Behavioral Engineering isn’t a popular news topic, but it has been in the hands of massive corporations for decades. In fact, it once was a more popular news topic, too. They knew they were on to something with TV commercials, and I could hear them bragging about it throughout my childhood in the 80’s and into the 90’s. (In high school I even studied marketing and computer programming, thinking I could keep up with it, but then my family moved to Oklahoma where everything slowed down. After Grandpa died, the majority of us made our way back to Oregon.) The idea is that TV commercials were designed specifically to change our behavior. When they measured our exposure in relation to market indicators, it showed that they could actually change our spending habits. Now, all of that science is presumably collecting dust in a box of old floppy disks. Except, obviously, it’s not. The idea that Media can change our behaviors never went away, they just stopped talking about it in such context. They also stopped talking about GenX. Is that because we were witnesses? Anyway, by now there’s a whole network of devices around us that tracks our every move, and yet privacy should be the least of our concerns. More important is that any hack-job, ne’er-do-well grifter with a team can INFLUENCE us.

TV Commercials, ads in apps, influencers, these are only the fluffy things we comprehend. Meanwhile, they are parts of a recipe. Teams of corporate executives are executing commands which lead directly to each of us individually, where devices record our behaviors and then through proven science, our devices are programmed to manipulate us into making different decisions. Some seek this power, to use it for good or bad–doesn’t matter; corporations don’t seek this power, they simply use it. They don’t deliberate on whether it should be used, or whether it may be effective to use it for accomplishing x or y, they only deliberate about the numbers it actually generates for them. That is their reality. Unfortunately, their reality affects ours in a bad way. They will continue to act on their numbers, regardless, for as long as they are allowed to exist.

Trigger us.

We see the attacks; we’re frustrated, angry, and many other emotions, but we aren’t killers. We fight, but we don’t “take up arms.” That is the problem with the right-wing movement right now. They can’t get “the left” fired up enough to co-opt their physical violence, and it’s pissing them off. They keep playing the blame game card against us and reality keeps insisting that they’re full of shit. As humans, we are fairly easy to manipulate, unfortunately, and so we’ve got to fight for CHOICE as a human right, the right to think and make decisions about ourselves without manipulation. I applaud California for its efforts in data management rights, but this threat goes way beyond privacy or monetization. When you see chaos, remember that we’re all being manipulated, each of us individually. Those who have taken up arms are already lost. We must fight the code. In the meantime, fight like hell with words, ideas, and actions toward change.

The corporations have infiltrated our government, and yet most of us are employed by them too. Realize that employment nowadays comes with pre-emptive NDAs, more creatively written than ever before, to prevent an uprising. In many cases, we’re legally barred from “embarrassing” ourselves by speaking out against our employers online. Afraid to post, we’re each targeted individually, but we have to stand together as one if we are to survive.

No amount of violence can fix the system. We will have to go for the code, and we will have to stand up together with the understanding that we are more deserving of our rights. The forces around us may be hell-bent on turning us sour, but we are superior. We are humans in the real world, our world, and this is a claim which no corporation can rightly make. It is my right to make my own decisions. It is also my right to control the influence of my own decisions. The terms aggregate and anonymous mean nothing, in light of data science (read “applied behavioral science”) with targeting of individuals based upon their personal decisions. In any case, corporate use of these tools has been in violation of the “divine” right of every human, to have choice, to enjoy the freedom of independent thinking without undue manipulation.

the way you speak, in this discussion board, when you completely ignore everything I’ve already posted, or the fact that you use BBC as a news source, tells me that you are a prime example of your own theories of brain conditioning.

I have also begun surmising brainwashing, or I wouldn’t be so completely ignored.

@ijedi A fair critique, no doubt. I started taking BBC supplements after I discovered that a quick World News cap would preload my brain with every topic Trevor Noah is likely to hit during his routine. Yea, it’s hard to break that cycle. I feel privileged now, but life in corporate retail has nearly ruined me. Thank you for your comments. I shall endeavor to explore some of the posts that you and others have put out here also. I promise the ignorance is unintentional.

Feeling priveleged is the first step.
To be able to recognize your own advantages and shortcomings, there is nothing wrong with learning new ways to see the world.

If anything, we are designed for such behavior, it only makes us stronger.

We are dragons, logic isn’t just for nerds, but also the eternal wisdom of those that have suffered the ways of the draconian long enough!
The lessons we learn and teach are profound, it is the spirit of the dragon that ensures such sentiments are not just heard, but feared.
It is the egg that has been incubating in the crucible that generates enough heat that our words are seen as flames, licking the faithless down to their very cores.
Worthless calories.

I tried to add Fox News to my diet once, for a balanced dose of news.
Some news is just bad for your health, your choice of BBC is far better than mine.

On your feet dragon, the Movement doesn’t stop.