Humanities Current Caste System

Humanity current climate is in sorts bleak at the moment, But you can find some solemn in the fact that people are still find for one another. Although it seemingly noticeable, from a Socio-economic standpoint, majority of people tend to defend people of the same mindset or should I say class. Why is this? From a rudimentary standpoint we as humans preserve what we deem the most important, in my eyes that’s freedom and I refer to freedom to experience life, which is taken from your typical working class citizen due to the constraints that we are born into, sound familiar? why is it we have to save for the most part an entire year just to go on vacation or save of months just to buy a vehicle, when other members of society can literally pick up phone have one delivered to their house, mind you they’re citizens working who can’t afford to even have or much less own a simple roof over their head. The answer in my eyes is capitalism, those who interrupting this structure are concerned with self preservation and expedition of monetary growth to live freely. Initially I believe it was intend for a growth of humanity, but interpretation and human nature is a bitch. through a variety of means propaganda has been spewed to keep a class of workers so the upper members of finical dynasty can sustain and maintain power though generations by influence via main stream media. But now its more than that, it’s reached to the point of secrets and depraving humans no different then themselves, maybe different in culture believes, but non the less human. Truthfully all these lies and secrets can not be maintained to sustain power with the the insane structure we have riddled with loop holes and we has humans aren’t stupid and it’s becoming harder for them to hide. My main concern is how act from here, we all now to fix it, but who will trigger it? Will there continue to be a raging storm or will we finally reach a calm? We make the choice!

The answer is so clear, it’s right there, in front of your eyes!
And yet you still choose not to see.

The solution is communication, and good faith commitments.

I am losing hope, that we will ever get out from the Democrat’s thumb.

What will it take for you to listen?

I grow tired of repeating myself.

Look bro I know this, we’ve went over this time and time again, that is exactly why I am wrote this because people can talk about uniting on a forefront, but has it happened in masses. The message was intended to grasp the intention of others who are still doubtful we are being manipulated just because they have simple amenities of life, but I’m trying to live and I can’t live in this world on my own especially under oppressive rigged with loopholes and cultural war. come Jedi you know better bruh

What I’m saying is this:

We keep repeating the same things over and over again.

The six that stood up to decoupling the Infrastructure Bill, those are ours.

The one Progressive Senator, the Godfather of Progressives.

And if there is anytime to acknowledge the truth of the Progressive Caucus as nothing but a cage to keep us in, it’s now.

You think I keep arguing with you, I am trying to get us to act on it.

I am not saying use TYT to lead the Progressive Army to victory, but like all TYT progress, Cenk Uyger has a knack for getting the right people together to do or clarify something together as a whole.
This little den of dragons is still the minority, we still scare people with our talk of change with an unquenchable sense of urgency.

It is because homeless tent communities spreading across America is far worse than the national crises of Americans waiting in breadlines for free food.

There isn’t even any food, we don’t care that people couldn’t afford their lives and now live sober in the worse than ghettos they find themselves in.

I call it New Hovel.

Here at TYT, Progressive elected officials can speak freely and engage in mutual good faith politics, so we may have better communication and coordination among those that actually care.

Because after that, it must pass through the horrors of Congress, both House and Senate.

That doesn’t even address the final signature that often acts like authority that knows better, or the circus that is the court, regardless of our victory with Justice Brown Jackson.

Kavanaugh alone disgraces the sanctity of law with his mere presence, as does the office of Comey Barrett, whom leaves the separation of church and state as a question.

Dragon, I have no quarrel with you.

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My man, that’s all I want to do, I’ve been trying to place seeds of thought hoping for a giant oak, but all I’m getting is bean sprouts, forgive the analogy, lol but I’m on the same page brotha, I just can’t wait to get out there in a more meaningful way to truly show my emotions to defeat these crazy ideals or what they pass for logic. Seriously any platform anywhere anytime with any fool silly enough to debate a progressive!!!

Out there is hopeless without TRUE base for support.

I see the spark, in Wolfpac, Rebellion Pac, we’re starting to put our backs into candidates, and I like it!

But they are only sparks, and when they fly off, there’s a small chance they will light fuel.

I am a gamer, I see it as individual battles going on all across the nation. We are disadvantaged, the tactics used against us nefarious and shallow.

Twice for Nina Turner, what’s it going to take to get her a seat? What’s it going to take to earn her people’s trust?
Because if we can garner commitment from constituents early, then no amount of campaigning outside will sway our voters.
And because they are ao predictable, we can call that shit out, and watch them play the only hand they know how to play.
Their shamelessness can be their undoing.

It doesn’t start when campaigning starts, in fact we don’t collect contributions at all.
Tell them to save it until the campaign, that what we do before election season is not fundraising for ourselves, but giving the people our plan, for them to consider with good time as to not pressure decision.

“This is what we’re doing, this is why, this is what’s going to happen, and this is why, and I can’t help to outspend that, so I come to you now to tell you what’s what.
Remember when? And remember when? What has happened?”
and so on and so forth.

We get guest representatives all the time, how about getting the squad to come on? Not regularly, but to give platform about what they’re doing.

I would love to hear what every Progressive in the nation is doing from their mouths themselves. They should want to, any good faith politician will want every advantage necessary, and we make it easy with 5 minutes or whatever, interviewing throughout to get a better sense of what Progressives are doing.

We can do it.
I need TYT to see.

Imagine if Warnock was making such interviews while he was working on legislation.
He made some good moves, moves that got attention, had he also included TYT, say through a call or whatever, about something he was about to do, that’s a call that’s going to earn 3k viewers, and we’re the best chance for news blowing up!

AOC being targeted as public enemy number one for her good looks and quick tact, her mere presence of her objectives would have quashed any thirsty comment made at her, and maybe even give a little bite back.

Hot damn if we knew what Katie Porter was up to all the time, not just her zingers, she’s one of the sharpest tools in the shed, America needs to hear her voice, she is the nation’s soccer mom!

Schooling corporate CEOs from the back of a minivan!
We need to hear our heroes, they need a platform to lead the People!

Preach my guy, at this point it’s shockingly unfathomable how these people have been oppressing the progression of overall society. Most people can’t or don’t realize what they’re truly advocating for, simple self preservation and maintaining power, it’s absurd.

The proverb goes, “slow and steady” tortoise and the hare, taught by Splinter to the Ninja Turtles.

The world cold and terrible.

My secret bonuses cannot even catch up to housing.

For me and mine, I am trying to help buy a house.
Putting 20% down is a principle I encourage as it in turn reduces your monthly payments to manageable levels, like mortgage and all associated fees collectively costing less than the local rent manageable.

Impossible to lose manageable.
And you’ll even manage to pay principle off too, as you go. Your refinance will be on par with even your top investors.

If I do this for them, 30 years I won’t have to worry about their rent, in 30 years they keep it thinking they are lucky paying the full interest of a loan, and so they will be owning a house in the end.

Whatever I help them with will be paid in due time, at an interest of 10% overall.
If more time is needed, then the interest will increase to 20%, and the highest interest I’ll take, even from a delinquent loan.
This is the most I feel is ethical, but more importantly, offers an opportunity that my people should already have.

Securing the People’s safety through personal equity has always been the American Way, since FDR.

If the field of battle works against your favor, then you must change tactics. We need economic guerilla warfare.

Never forget Alderaan.

I’m not gonna lie I don’t know how much longer I can stay a float my bro, I’m out of a job doing deliveries is only doing damage to my car unless I’m strategic, my wife is teacher being pushed out her job and rent has gone up along with everything else. I’m not quite sure what to do, only that I can speak my piece and let people know they are being fooled and have been for quite sometime, but the thing is I’m still positive because I know I’ll make my way and I know I’m not alone. People are realizing we aren’t suppose to live this life as such and we need to help one another out. This and that my heart is always in the right place, it may bring me pessimism, but I find optimism, I know there are good people out there just concerned of their loved and living circumstances, once they see we all are in the shit, empathy will hopefully reviles itself.

Tucson I hear is a tough place to live, on par with any major city in the East Coast.
Last year, the people voted to pass $15 minimum wage, Phoenix is currently $12.80, and Tucson was even less with cost of living to match before they made this move.

This is the closest thing to economic action I have seen in a long time.
Your skills can be worth more in the right setting.
You know how hard it can be, but honestly, drastic economic opportunity can change a community, and I’m taking Tucson’s silence on how they are doing as a good sign.

Or they would use it as national champion against the woke mob, praying that actions like Tucson will prove once and for all the woke mob’s intentions.

Actually, I am too.

to hell with pessimism and hoping for turned leaves.
to hell with feeling useless until calvary arrives.

I grew up in Az school systems, the culture in education is sweet, your wife would love it. Even CRT doesn’t cause as much ruckus as in other states, where the faculty hasn’t spent as long as ours keeping the sanctity of education safe.
I attribute to much my wokeness from them, and they are mixed of both left and right views. We believe in common sense here in Arizona, despite our Constitutional Carry laws.
Most extreme as we don’t require concealed carry permits to conceal your weapon, everyone is on the honor code, but if you have a no firearm sign up, people best abide.
I know plenty of Az citizens that have a list of establishments they avoid because of such signs.
Law abiding, regardless of the chips on their shoulders.

I recognize the voice of a man looking for something better for their own, I know you don’t give a shit what the taxi culture is like here.
But Tucson is known for nightlife, we know how to tip in Az, but that all depends on the service.
There is 15% and 20%, 15% pray to make 15% every shift, 20% will walk with AT LEAST 20%, but in service, good service walks with 30% on average.

20% is par for decent skills.

Not true my man I do care lol and I want it known as well. I make sure to put into aspect that just because you live in a different part of globe doesn’t make your struggle any different than mine, having respect and empathy equally. But yeah man, without going off in tangent it’s exactly as you say a man trying to do better for me and my loved ones, to look out for community support simple things that have been forgotten and fallen through the cracks which I know you understand, the problem is to get everyone on the same page.

and so it is. The game is a long one, you are right to seek survival first.

I do not make suggestions lightly, our Red for Ed was to address teachers making minimum, it’s not great… but I for one am loyal to my education because of how they raised me. People like me make sure our teachers are supplied.
We don’t complain about school supplies nor do we consider them optional. The support is few, but looking at education im the nation as a whole, we’re a fucking blessing in disguise.

NO WHERE ELSE in Arizona!
Phoenix, the next best place and it is shit.

I only say it because of minimum wage. Why not capitalize while you have time?
I don’t know how long it will last.

lol I’m going to still your words for a moment, “and so it is.” I sure you’ve seen me mention my wife is a teacher and is a dedicated one at that and literally been pushed out the system because of #1 ideologies and societal norms that are inaccurate at best. and just for us to make a living. An to add point which I’m actually about to make a quick post on, it seemingly what they are doing everywhere, to a point of generally making the next generations overly emotional or rather entitled, which leads misunderstanding and entropically causes further discourse. This then leads for people to look for a leader because of uncertainties in ones life, literally mental abuse. Which is definitely something to take into consideration based off current circumstances, they do this just to attain/preserve power, its ridiculous and I’m fucking sick off it.