I am curious as to what TYT plans to do with Cenk's book?

@cenkuygur and @TYT Community - Let’s go with the premise that the TYT community is committed to working to get Cenk into the white house, so that is what the mission is. This is despite the fact that even Cenk himself admits that Marianne Williamson is likely a better choice than Joe Biden.

The problem then is this, to have any chance for Cenk to be able to communicate to americans how Cenk could be a good president, America needs to know something of who Cenk is, as a person, as a businessman, as a politician, etc. Americans also need an idea as to why Cenk thinks progressives can do what he claims.

Essentially, if Cenk wants to be president, his book is going to have to get into the hands of a lot of people, and it will need to become ubiquitous enough so that those without the book get enough exposure to the book’s ideas in order to have some idea as to what Cenk is trying to say through his book.

To substitute myself for the everyperson as an example, if I do not read his book, there is so much to what Cenk is saying that I just do not know, making it so that I cannot make a decent evaluation of Cenk as president.

I have no idea as to how he thinks that progressives in general are “going to take over the country”. What is he saying to support the idea that “progressives are correct on all of the issues”, and that “America is actually a very progressive country”. Why does he think that a faction of the american population, progressives, have the power or ability to effect justice and change in america, when research and statistics indicate that progressives are a very small part of the population?

Furthermore, what evidence does Cenk present to support the central thesis to his work? Are there any academics that have evaluated his work and confirmed that his evidence and thesis are sound?

Finally, why is Cenk a better choice for president than Williamson? Williamson is at least a somewhat established author, as she has written 14 books, and sold more than three million books. Seven of her books have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list, with four reaching number one.

Why do you think she hasn’t gotten more support by now? I suspect it maybe a well known image problem around being considered to peace loving in her rhetoric.

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Whether or not she can gather more support does not equal to Cenk being a better choice. If Cenk cannot gather more support either, he is in the same boat as Williamson, but further behind.

From the beginning of his announcement to run, Cenk has said that his objective is to get more media attention for anyone to primary Biden. His discussion with Williamson shortly before he asked members to vote on his running brought up the “invisibleizing” of progressives, and they talked about personal experiences of it. This is still the barrier that is stopping all contenders to Biden. His book isn’t likely to change that, but I’m looking forward to reading it.

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@cenkuygur @over9000 I really just don’t know how to respond to that. Candidates like Williamson were being “invisibilized”, and Cenk and TYT figured they should get Cenk to jump in and “invisiblize” them some more.

It’s interesting that his running is what’s making them be invisible, and it is not a august profit motive by corporate news.

A well placed idea can make a huge difference.

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Cenk has the power of his own media program behind him, which can keep him in front of the voting public. He’s been scrupulous about not reporting on any political stories, but America gets to see his face on screen several nights a week covering other news. Marianne’s problem is that none of the MSM will have her on! Not. One. Show. The DNC does Biden’s bidding & they have all of the MSM on lockdown. But I’d vote for Marianne for president! I may even write in her name come Nov.
Genocide Joe is losing more votes from Muslim Americans and folks under 35 every day. If he doesn’t do what is right & stop sending $$ & weapons to Israel until a permanent ceasefire is declared, he can kiss re-election goodbye.