I am one of those illusive Independents... And I am here to help

Great thread to start on. In reality, we have to boil it down, and tone it down.

Please throw your top 3 (Major topics to tackle) in here and I will try to give you the most off the cuff best reasons why you are wrong in the eyes of the basic republican. Deadpan sincerity. From there we can cut all the fat out and try to find how these planks fit together. And when they should be fit together. The more ‘rightwing’ folks that jumps in here the stronger your argument can become. Embrace it. Let it make you better.

You can have what you want, but you have to figure out what that is first. And what you want, and what might be best for you, are not the same thing. You really have to think about it. -(my recollection of) -Jordan Peterson.

Get wild with it!

I love the spirit you have.

If find Jordan’s fascination with paradoxes to be peculiar.

  1. Perception, that we are divided when we are not.
  2. Action, it’s great to say we will work together, but at some point work must be done.
  3. Morale, people must have target they feel deep down it is worth fighting for.

I think we are in our heads far more then we need to be bottom line.

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