I dont get student loan forgiveness

I’ll agree with just about every topic on this show, and generally on the progressive agenda. I however, am unable to understand the argument for student loan debt forgiveness. Some will say I’m jealous. Perhaps I am, I’m human after all. I never had student loan, as I am lucky enough to have lived in Finland all my life (American citizen, and voter). I don’t know anyone who would benefit from a student loan forgiveness, so I really don’t think it’s jealousy.

It simply doesn’t make sense in my mind. I’m all for helping people, but if we are selecting one group of people to give a one time benefit, it might a s well be those with medical debt. This doesn’t address poor people who didn’t go to college because of their cost, and now just have low-paying jobs. Or student’s who have paid their loan in full, but only now in their 40s are able to start paying off a home mortgage.

I propose creating a program that would substantially HELP the person with the loan. For example freezing the loan now, so it doesn’t incur interest. For those who have jobs (50,000$ a year or more), take 10-15% of his salary each month, until it’s paid off, and if 't not paid off by retirement, THEN forgive the rest.

Under this same program I would give a tax credit to people who have paid off their debt within the past 20 years.


It definitely has to be a multi-pronged plan in order for it to truly help solve the real issue, which is that cost of living, higher education, living wages, and medical bills are decaying our communities. These all have to be addressed together in order to solve the problems and not just help some people temporarily. A one time loan forgiveness might help some people, but it won’t solve the problem. Here’s some research that the TYT Army did that I think helps to answer a lot of questions around this subject, particularly why people need the debt forgiveness more than at any time in our history. Tuition-Free College and Student Loan Debt Crisis - TYT Army

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It’s because a college education, the thing you pay 5 to 6 figures for an undergraduate degree, means very little else than a better than minimum wage job.
Yes degree level entry jobs pay more, but they are also dead end.
Career jobs are always more risky because you start with education but no experience.
Most people get their degrees and can’t apply to their field no matter how hard you try.

Even back in 2000, it was joked around that a college degree was the equivalent to a high school degree back in the 70s.
We pay all this money and it ensure nothing!

There’s another story you aren’t connecting, and that’s employers ghosting candidates by the hundreds, months of interviews only to come up with more certainty that no employer is taking their employment seriously.

Student loans should be forgiven because we sold this idea that if you got your degree you would be set.

You finish your degree, and you’re left wondering how you’re going to pay off this life debt when you can’t earn enough to make it past the interest.