I have a question, and I need help

Alright guys I’ve been wanting to ask this question for quite awhile now and I feel maybe an appropriate time to pose it, it maybe a difficult one, but a necessary one to actually reach a idealistic eco-sociological environment for us to flourish and actually enjoy the one life we have. Why is it we carry this falsity that we live in a truly free environment? At the end of the day we maybe(if it still exist) freedom of speech, culture and religion just as a basic standard, but what about the fact we are dependent on income, job availability, which usually deals with education stemming back to monetary origins, food availability such as crops and livestock based off farms and geographic location, basically any amenity you could think of which is dependent on people producing such regions to live comfortably. Mind you not alone, but as community and those who seek power tend to target these necessities in life, which I will at our current generation have a lot of necessities to make us comfortable. This includes running water, good shelter, nutritional food, and healthy mental environment based of education for us to continue to develop as a human race. Why is it some of society falls for entrapment to gain these necessities, when in all actuality the working individuals are the ones producing it? why is we must pay a certain percentage of our already low wages to government to so call “hold it” until retirement? If you think about it social security is literally a system stating your too old work, but we recognize that you worked your ENTIRE life so here’s a few dollars so you can enjoy the rest of your life? Look I’m not opposed at all to contributing to society rather I feel the need to, but not take advantage and oppressing an entire population of hard working people based off of wielding monetary gain is ridiculous and honestly backwards of progression because we only grow as society together. So my question is why can’t we reach a homeostasis of collective thought? Because of religion, because we now we only have so much resources, or the simply the lack to wanting to progress because your already in place of life that you enjoy?