I have a suggestion

I think the biggest problem we have is lies being spread as fact. I think I have a step in the direction of a solution. We need a new amendment. The main problem is people not being able to understand, and subsequently be able to point and say, “that is not fact, it is opinion.” The amendment: “News organizations shall declare their news to be either fact or opinion, and if they state fact they must stick to fact.” < This does not limit speech, so it does not significantly alter the 1st, it simply is a consumer law that clarifies what you are getting. It must be an amendment, because of what happened with Reagan so easily removing the Fairness Doctrine. If it is an amendment, laws like the fairness doctrine coming after it and supported by the amendment, will be all that much harder to remove. Of course, all laws related to this amendment should be created, questioned and interpreted by legislation and subsequent legal procedure, but will have the backing of an amendment if deemed valid.


This is definitely a serious issue. Like most, if not all, the influence of money in our political system has allowed corporations and the uber wealthy to work with our government to create a powerful mechanism with which to spread their self-interests. They do this with their own “facts.” With enough money, they are able to create studies to prove their point and then call them fact. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons people don’t believe it when someone points to research and calls it a fact. I know I’m simplifying (it’s a long, dirty list of how and why this works). This obviously undermines authentic, evidence-based research. As a result, I don’t know what the answer or if this would solve it unfortunately. I’m interested, though, if you have any research on how this may work in other countries or in our past.


We don’t need an amendment for this. Look at Trump’s presidency and look how each watchdog one after another get slandered and discredited. Not even discredited, but dismissed out of hand simply because there’s no one to hold them accountable, even when the watchdogs sound the alarm.
The problem is what happens after the alarm is sound. Theoretically, the system acknowledges and works with the watchdogs to set better preventative measures, and correct whatever violation promptly, transparently (to the watchdog), and without any resistance.
I’m assuming our better watchdogs have prepared credentials not ever needing to use them because no one currently listens to them, but when we figure out what to do after watchdogs alert the public to what’s going on.
I saw more about watchdogs from 2020 that I never knew existed, steadfast vigilant patriots patiently waiting to alert America of dangerous levels of corruption, in some cases decades, like the Federation liason in Discovery, just clocking everyday, running a Federation desk the Federation itself didn’t know existed.
So what’s the next step?
We need a new protesting strategy, one with uncomfortable consequences that will actually reach the attention of our electives.
Is it because I live in Arizona and I need to get rid of Kyrsten Sinema? Of course!
Phoenix could be a game changer if progressives could coordinate together and apply political pressure locally, like Trey was saying, Progressives don’t know we’re out here en masse. I discovered my first Damage Report last year because I was so worried about the pandemic I refreshed Coronavirus news everyday, eventually having John Iodorola pop up on my YouTube because of Google algorithms.
I only heard about Bernie Sanders when he came to my town campaigning in 2016, I’ve been an independent and Progressive my whole life, I never knew there were Green Party survivors (that’s code for I wasn’t really into politics until the pandemic, and capitalism started teaming up with fascism, now I kick myself for taking my eyes off the ball).
We are running conventional political campaigns, but these conventions are from the turn of the 20th century, TYT breaks the mold by using YouTube and platforms the younger generation actually use (also because every terrible thing you heard about TV is true, and TYT would never be allowed). Even the older generation streams their favorite TV shows off the network official website, no one watches Downton Abbey when it airs (My mother wishes, but she just doesn’t have the time, also if Downton Abbey isn’t a cable show, the point is that’s how she watches all TV. She gets cable to access the content via internet).
What was I saying?
Baby steps I think, the pot hasn’t boiled yet, but we are getting real close. Get the ramen ready.


Well said. I like that you are optimistically cautious and strategic. Better organizing is what we need, indeed, and we’re hoping to make that even easier with continued improvements to our Community page.

I want to eventually see organization in policies, discussions separated by State with stats on support, the policy being discussed updated with summarized reports of suggested changes (and support for that), etc.
It would have a good idea what our progressive demographic looks like, identify progressive legislation with high chances of success, and have a more engaging and sophisticated social media platform to take our ideas and apply them to our local governments, or focus political pressure on our electives.
While the discussion groups would be separated by state, the forum would be open to all, but everyone should also be identified by what state their from, so we don’t confuse outside opinions on a local matter.
Or something to that effect, I don’t care what political affiliation people identify with so long as we can get things done for the American Welfare, all we need is protected fair compensation, and campaigning based on policy only or policy focused seems like the only way to go.
Discussions on credible information, economic opportunity, environmental opportunity, maybe some home economics (I notice this community is very generous, while awesome, we want to make sure our progressives survive the long game so to speak). I think of how predatory capitalism has become, and there are incredible dirty tactics you need to be wary of out there.
The American Economy is loan shark.
Socialists are the first to go right?
We’re not even socialists!
Why is fair compensation socialism?