I have a twitish but I think better idea, but I don't know code things

I was thinking what would do what twitter and other social app/sites does but better

I’ve been on lots of social sites and I recall what seemed to work and what seemed to fail so I figured why not take the best of it all in a user friendly manner

I was thinking that with all the beverage slang that can be thrown around that maybe a name like Casa Cafe (I like alliteration and home/house starts with H) or something like that (just the first thing that popped into my head that I liked the sound of)

the face would be twitter like with tiny posts called Samples or Tastes
visuals would be like bubbles/liquid art with the viewer able to use a color wheel to pick how things look

If things get to a certain level of too dark or too light the text will get a box or outline behind it (the user can pick between box or outline)

If you click onto the name it takes you into their cup/vessel they can pick the name since like if they were like say they like to post only spooky stuff they may want to call their page their Cauldron, if they like to gossip they might call it their Tea Cup/Pot

On Tumblr I had multiple pages for different things I’d post about, so it’d be nice if from the person’s Vessel page you could step out to their Shelf/Menu to see the other things they post on

for Adult stuff (sensitive content) it would all be refered to as Alcohol and require a verification similar to how bars ID people, this would include people who talk about Alcohol being refered to as Beer or Wine while dirtier stuff would be like Whiskey or Absinthe (hard liquer) and for people that want to refer to their page as beer, wine, or such but it’s not Adult they’d just add the tag “non-alcoholic” meaning Not adult content
(on the reverse if they want to refer to it as something that wouldn’t be normally alcoholic but have adult content they’d add the tag “Hard” or “Alcoholic”)

it would be nice if like on Tumblr people could customize the look of their pages to some extent with a set top bar for relavent links, including an optional drop down menu that links to any social media accoun they want linked to their account, and can even include links to their shops if they are a creator This whole part would require that “you are leaving the site/app” warning

For the site to make a profit maybe have people when they sign up they could tag their interests and it says they will be shown adds on their main Sample/Taste feed that match those interests with the ability to select adds they don’t like and make them as irrelavent or unwanted, and leave a comment as to why (the why message would be forwarded to the company)

they could even just pause seeing those ads if they want to use that as a way to protest companies until they change their behavior
Of course there would be a message saying that ads help make the service free to the user and require they select at least 1 interest to see ads about
and of course have an ad free subscription because unfortunately money is a required thing for life in this age

What do people think about this?
Any thoughts, ideas, critic?
Does anybody want to help me run with this idea?
I know like only the teeniest tiniest bit of coding stuff and I am more the art and design type

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I think this is a fantastic idea. I am on Facebook but pretty much just to see pictures of my grandson, and I gave up Twitter because I can’t stand seeing the ignorance and the hate on a daily basis, plus I refuse to give Elon Musk one penny, let alone $8. I’m not cheap I’m just principled.


Great idea. We’ll thought out.

Your biggest barrier will be seed money for development and then marketing.

You can rent coders, but even the best program won’t see the light of day without massive marketing.

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