I watch the news ONLY because I'm hopeful

When I first thought of this title, I meant it in a practical way: I follow the news because change is possible…specially in this era of technology, otherwise, it would be preferable to ignore the issues and just accept “inevitable” reality in which corporations are the ones ruling over what is supposed to be a democracy. I mean, if it, indeed, were inevitable, why would I keep myself informed? to what ends? knowing exactly how will I be crushed?

I remember publishing the topic without content as a form of putting myself in the position of having to finish this piece… I knew that my focus was drifting away to [Placeholder: Endeavor]. So let me, apologize if that was what made you post this @vanidackp:

I agree on the need for a plan, but first let me also provide with my reasoning on why I am hopeful. And this might come as contradictory but here’s the reason: I am NOT hopeful. The thing is… the perspective that I bring is the one of an outsider: I am hopeless about my country, I am hopeful about USA. Why? you might ask: 2 reasons so far:

  1. Political violence in your side of the aisle, though getting worse, it’s not yet to the point that it is in my country of residence.
  2. You have TYT: At some point in my life, I had to make a choice between being served local lies Vs International truths… You can tell which road did go into.



@fourthwall_dragon I apologize for the slow reply, but I am not actually on the TYT forums very often sometimes.

I can truly emphasize with the desire to be informed, and though I live in a first world country, Canada, I find myself somewhat challenged in trying to keep up with worldwide affairs. It is not just a language barrier, but a lack of Canadian news media’s desire to cover foreign news in any meaningful way, limitations on direct access to foreign media outside of Youtube, and a lack of knowledge of what media I must subscribe to on Youtube to gain acces to such foreign news. At this point I find myself subscribed to dozens of foreign media channels, including but not counting media pundits, and not counting the Canadian media channels I also subscribe to.

While you might find the following a strange suggestion coming from a foreigner to the United States who is involving themselves with the TYT community, I suggest you might want to consider your outsider perspective as beneficial to promoting lasting and real change. Because it sounds like you are already experiencing the worst of corruption and authoritarian excesses, you have a perspective of what lies in wait for a country moving towards that reality, such as the United States.

I find it very interesting, because I share a similar viewpoint, because my perspective is the opposite of yours, that I am hopeful about my home country Canada, but am hopeless about the United States.

What you might not have thought about is the following, that the actions, ideas, and ideologies of people of other nations permeate and influence one’s own country, especially in this age of free market economies and globalization. In the case of Canada, we have had our own issues with far-right extremism, but in the last decade, with the help and influence of far-rightextremists from the United States, far-right extremism is beginning to gain traction in influencing conservative politics in Canada the same way is it has been in the United States and other parts of the world.

We most definately do not have political violence in Canada in the same way as it is permeating throughout the United States (for the most part). Here in Alberta, however, we now have “Poll Watchers” showing up to some of the polling stations, so there’s that. I also would like to point out that I do not in fact, have TYT. Cenk Uygur has TYT because it is a commercial enterprise, but as long as TYT promotes progressive ideas to push for real lasting change, I will accept TYT as an ally in the fight towards making the world a better place. Anyways, as you can tell by my rambling, I do not really understand what you are trying to say with your post, but I am really interested to find out.

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Finally, I will share why I am hopeful, but the background to what I have faced is not good. Let’s just say, that as a transgender women, I have faced every terrible thing that people do to transgender people, except being raped and murdered, AND over ten years ago, the territorial government of Nunavut, left me stranded in Alberta, homeless, and unable to come home. There is also some pretty terrible thing the Alberta government has and is currently doing to me as well.

I have generalized anxiety disorder. It is overwhelming to leave my home, and must have much of my necessities delivered. If I need to go anywhere there is a significant crowd, I will become violently ill. I can barely take care of myself.

Metaphorically, in life, I have been knocked over again and again, and some of those times I have been literally (not metaphorically) bedridden with my depression, only getting out of bed when taken to eat and hydrate. Every time, I have gotten back up, fighting for my right to exist. I do not have very much, but I will always fight with what little I have left, because if all I have left are words, I will make them count.

I truly find it astonishing, that while I have experienced far worse than most, that my suffering is a drop in the ocean in comparison to what others have suffered and are now suffering. I find it very strange that while I have so little fight for myself, and I live in a state of pain and suffering due to my health problems, I am still compelled to take up metaphorical arms on behalf of others while so many others are held back by the idea of being inconvenienced.

That is where I find my hope, not because my will is so strong, but because those that have faced worse than I have, have faced evil, their iron will unwavering even onto death. If they can do it, so can I. If I can do it so can any body else. Eventually, if everybody will take the cause of doing good for the sake of making the world better, we will heal this world.


You are a strong woman, and I can’t wait to hear you roar! :heart:

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