If anyone at TYT actually reads this, I think you need someone from Europe as a contributor

For context and the occasional pronunciation of the names.

For example, this story:
youtube .com/watch?v=7BWH-5F6UQ4
(can’t add links, so I put some spaces the URLs)

If you found that statue outrageous/sexualized, you shouldn’t search “French revolution” on google images.

The wiki page
en.wikipedia .org/wiki/French_Revolution
features on the right side (2nd picture) a painting of Eugène Delacroix called: “La Liberté guidant le peuple” (Liberty guiding the people).

It’s a woman with exposed breasts, holding a rifle and a French flag, leading the people among the dead bodies and the smoke of the revolution (en.wikipedia .org/wiki/French_Revolution#/media/File:Eug%C3%A8ne_Delacroix_-_Le_28_Juillet._La_Libert%C3%A9_guidant_le_peuple.jpg)

I’d argue a piece of art is sexualized by the viewers, and it’s more likely to be sexualized by viewers that come from sexually repressed areas/cultures/countries.

The statue of David is a good example of a statue that has nothing sexual about it, despite it being fully nude. And it also commemorates a battle, where someone died.

There are tons of examples:

en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Antonio_Canova#/media/File:Antonio_Canova_Teseo_defeats_the_centaur.jpg

Here are a bunch of statues of Hercules, and he’s almost completely naked in all of them:
commons.wikimedia .org/wiki/Statues_of_Heracles,_Hofburg

But I don’t think any of them is sexual.

I don’t know how it is in the US, but such statues are nothing special in Europe. The examples above are just a few from Vienna, but you can find similar art all over the place.

Just my 2 (hundred) cents.

I can tell you how it is in the US, it’s just as crazy as you’ve seen it on tv. Worse actually, I imagine seeing fascism up close and personal is… more real than anyone can imagine since the second World War.

So crazy that the amazing coverage at TYT doesn’t even come close to uncovering everything going on, 50 states of bonkers dealing with GOP.

You ever talk to someone that completely misses your point and keeps bringing up civil war?

You guys are going to need to start your own TYT, we’re trying to save the world from the fourth reich over here.

I’m from Norway and I now live in Rhode Island , I’m both thankful and not that its super blue. I grew up on a farm driving a tractor so I’d love to live in the country. But I don’t appreciate the unfortunately right wing concentration in those areas.

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They aren’t inherently non-sexual either. Art isn’t inherently anything, gets reinterpreted by each culture that has control of it. But if we are going with authorial intent, some old art is definitely sexual. I think it is more the case that pre-Christian societies were much more okay with sexualising, and didn’t view being sexualised as an inherently awful thing.

yeah, shaming sexuality is definitely a big thing in Christian religion. their Jesus was born from a woman that received a baby from God without sex ?!?! His “mom” was “pure”.

Case and point: one of our two party system is secretly a cabal of satanic worshipping child eating sex trafficking pedophiles…
is not a rational argument on any spectrum of the political divide.
It is not a Right Wing talking point unless you use it by distracting from preparations for a violent coup.
That’s the only time you use outlandish tactics in politics.

And I think Representative Gosar has pointed out their misguided sexual deviancy.

To call it projection is something I would not think of doing as a decent human being…
but Matt Gaetz dammit!

The biggest t scandal in Norwegian politics is that reps are renting out their capitol apartments… and the MAJORITY LEADER in out house of reps ( we dont have a senate) shes THE 2nd person on the ranking AFTER THE KING OF NORWAY had to QUIT for it ! sorry not sorry for caps

I feel for you, America sells out our housing to the highest bidder, both foreign and domestic, at the detriment of the American public. You have a majority leader problem, ours is the majority of federal government!

We have 6 elected officials that don’t take campaign contributions. Literally everyone else is taking bribes out in the open.

Housing is the first to get exploited, we’ve made a name for ourselves being the best at it.

With all due respect, we are number one!

I hope that makes you feel better, you could be worse off, at least you’re not the United States.
We’re trying to end women’s suffrage, cancel emancipation, and legitimize the ku klux klan!

As an American, I would like to remind you to count your blessings for the stability you do have.

Don’t give up the fight, but don’t lose hope either. We Progressives cheer for each other.