If they wish to march us to war, we shall yoke them

I am moved by the Irish activism. If you don’t know Ireland has been epic in our battle for humanity. They sing to my soul with their epic odes to life in the face of the abyss.

The powers that be wish to broaden the conflict. Well we must respond to this less then bright idea!

Lets broaden our response. In the immortal words of Zach De La Roche- There ain’t no shelter here! The frontline is everywhere!

It was our fault for holding those like Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, and John Stewart in a high regard. How were we to know this was reverence undeserved? The blessing of this horror is that we find out who really stands with us. I will give them no more room to find their voice. They either need to speak up now or be counted as a coward. They shouldn’t be targeted, just shamed and there reputations should reflect their actions.

The EU must free Julian now:

Julian wife was interviewed here if you would like a update on his current status.

Julian Assange is a political prisoner that has press protection for publishing crimes.