I'm 99.9% sure this is going to get worse

At this point I’m certain that representatives in both major coccus know something we don’t. I’m mean Nancy Pelosi’s explanation for putting 777+ billion dollars into national security/military was at best 2nd grader level response with no substance once so ever., not even explaining why some of those funds couldn’t be put back into the reconciliation bill. There has got be reason, and s sense a real macabre air looming around, why is it everything is so seemingly staged, its basically turning into a play. We all know the ending Democrats cave, and Republicans get what they wanted. Why is it though they keep negotiating about monetary amounts, when we all know it would not only be beneficial to American citizens, but be fruitful for future gen? I feel this just charade, that we’ve played over and over again, but this time there is a underlying motive or at least there getting ready to abandon ship and take all the loot for themselves. Just a guess