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I’ve have watched & learned what the USA :us: have endured from infancy to now.
The future of the USA depends on the current voters to ensure democracy continues or lose total support from countries like ours.
Since January 6th things have changed dramatically, not only in the USA but Worldwide :earth_asia:.
It is upto Cenk Uygur & TYT & other social media to ensure democracy continues into the future.
We watch :watch: with bated breath, what future the World :earth_americas: will face in the future.
The ball is now in your court, it’s up to you to ensure democracy continues not only in the USA :us: but worldwide :earth_americas:. "Thank You TYT for giving me the opportunity of being a member ".


Yeah some people here don’t know that we are the hope of the world right now, it is a bit sad. Thanks for this!

I love the honey there BTW.

Thanks for the support! :muscle:


Thank you & the team for your excellent upfront honest service.
I will be 73 this month of January 2024.
Due to financial restrictions I am unable to donate, I wish I could, but I will continue to be a member from Aotearoa/New Zealand :new_zealand:. I have personally spread your excellent service to everyone on my Facebook page.
Thank You :gift: :blush: again.


It’s nice to hear that you follow our struggles to hold on to our democracy. As an American citizen, I do not hear anything in our news media to reflect the USA’s world image standings. We used to be the land of plenty, now it’s not plenty so much anymore, and we’re not enforcing the checks and balances like we should be. I’m participating here in this forum, because I neglected my social duty to watch over what’s going on in our government. The election of our 45th president shocked me, as I had done research before I made my vote against him. I’m also shocked he didn’t do more damage when he was in office. Now we are struggling to undo the damage.
Thanks for your input!


Unfortunately, online shows with a left perspective have near zero ability to influence the direction of either America or the rest of the world. I know Cenk likes to think TYT does, but after two decades of failure to advance a progressive agenda, the evidence is fairly clear.

I do what I can by staying active and always participating in elections, but we’re all just waiting and watching with great trepidation to see if a majority of Americans have the wisdom to reject fascism and block the global authoritarian alliance. But sadly, the outcome is largely out of our control.

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He inspired many other online progressive shows some of these shows had a clear intent to fracture the movement. Politically center shows constantly coopt language from progressives. Republican attack progressives so there for we control what republicans attack to a large degree.

As Cenk states shows like his have turned the youth into progressive minded folks. So public perception has turned in youth. This has helped lead to consensus like 80% support for paid family leave.

So what your really saying is that our politicians are activists for the current power structures. They use ruses to obstruct our political will collectively under the guise of governance. They support their security in their position in the political structure over their love of our country working in a humane manor.

I am not sure how you could say the failure is ours as progressives when it is ours as a country.

You must not know Cenk is running for president. Cenk 2024 they had a great debate that all should watch found here:

This is the single best debate I have ever watched in my whole life. I think your pessimism is unwarranted.

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Watching :eyes: & listening to this debate from Aotearoa/New Zealand :new_zealand:
Well done :clap: :heavy_check_mark: :+1: :ok_hand:


I think Cenk’s optimism is unwarranted.

Did Wolf Pac succeed in getting money out of politics, or even getting close to a constitutional convention? Did Bernie Sanders become president? Did Cenk get elected to Congress?

These are only a few of the failures TYT has endured since I started listening to the show back in 2006. There are many others. And there is a simple explanation, but it’s too emotionally painful for Cenk or Ana to admit: the largest controlling faction in the coalition that makes up the Democratic Party is liberal, not progressive.

I know Cenk points to opinion polls showing that on individual policies, most people prefer the left/progressive option and then he extrapolates to supposed electoral victories being just around the corner. But he only insists on this because he refuses to acknowledge the power of ideology to dictate voting patterns. We are the minority faction among Dem voters. And since the failure of the Sanders movement to control the levers of power, we’ve become even more fractured.

Like it or not (and I don’t) Joe Biden and the liberal establishment maintain control of both the party and WH, atm, because most voters prefer to empower liberals over progressives. And Cenk’s (or our) railing against this fact isn’t going to change this political reality.

Fixation on our losses and savage attacks we have suffered helps no one.

I think they both know and routinely repeat that we are going through a demographics shift. Your framing is correct but it seems current power dynamics are going through a shift.

I am not sure I follow the argument here.

I wouldn’t say we are more fractured sure there are folks that are vocal advocates for subversion that is to be expected.

That would be a failure of all liberals (given in your framing) as well. They failed to see that the Sanders movement would have benefited them.

Just because this has historically been the case doesn’t mean things will always be static and never change. Railing will not help but if you watch that link I posted above that isn’t what is happening.

They are railing against holding power they are railing against holding power and doing nothing. This should be motivating for Biden instead he wants to ignore and fight. That says all we need to know, we are used to this.

As for us we should persuade others to our side not rail against their opinions.

I’m simply describing in my opinion a more accurate picture of the political landscape. I’m also pointing out that Cenk and Ana’s refusal to accept this reality is why TYT has lost so many segments of its audience and become so marginalized from so many of our former allies in recent years.

Like I said, it’s Cenk and Ana who are constantly railing against a system they are incapable of changing instead of accepting the way things are, strategically maneuvering to accommodate it, describing it accurately for their audience (their core business purpose,) and not ineffectively attacking the liberal establishment while diminishing the greater threat posed by the fascist right.

Sorry if that bothers you. But now you know how I feel listening to TYT the last several years.

I just listened to the link to the debate you posted above. It’s very similar to debate that TYT hosted with these three candidates. I didn’t hear much I disagreed with, except some of the things Phillips said.

But again, this effort strikes me as futile. It would have made sense a year ago, but once this summer ended, when Cenk and Ana really upped their railing against Biden’s decision to run for re-election, it was already a moot point. I thought it was ridiculous that Cenk announced that Biden would “definitely lose” to Trump when it was an entirely unknown prospect more than a year before the election, and Trump’s baggage is at least as substantial as Biden’s.

My calculus has changed since Israel’s response to 10/7 and Biden’s aiding and abetting of the resulting genocide. Now if I had to guess, I’d go with Trump winning. But I really do not know. Neither does Cenk, nor does Ana. Bottom line, I just wish they would stick to presenting the news without trying to influence it or insisting their ability to predict the future is fool-proof. Going back to another thread I responded to here, I wish they just provided commentary and Cenk wouldn’t take so much time away from hosting… more like the Majority Report.

So because they spawned copycats they lost influence? What is the reality they refuse to accept? Are we supposed to accept our dear leaders wisdom with out a question :thinking:?

We have changed many things in the race not to mention the disorse. This stance you’re talking has no evidence to support it and is really similar to establishment Eor dilutions they cling to proliferating.

What gives you a impression I am bothered?

This is inaccurate they started saying this in April / May. I know this because Cenk said hope was dying and I knew he was correct. Then I joined here (posting and checking regularly) the TYT forums.

Also is summer some arbitrary time line pulled out of thin air?

Biden may have much more baggage than Trump due to the fact we’re in two proxy wars where both opposing leaders would like Trump in office.

Is it possible Hamas picked this time to attack due inpart to our elections?

I would love for you to point to a news outlet free from influence. At least TYT is upfront about it.

Majority Report talks about YouTube censorship. They also adopt an attitude of poistionally correct dialog without showing their work. This isn’t a criticism just an observation that like argagate others work and opine. TYT seems to curate a position and defend it. I don’t think we’re lacking in Majority Report analogs lol.